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A Magickal Attraction Primer – The Basics of Beauty Spells

You may have run across them by accident or in your spiritual searches - beauty spells. Spells exist that promise to do everything from clear your complexion to increase your overall sex appeal. While you should be wary of some magickal claims (i.e. a beauty incantation promising to change your eye color is just as unrealistic as a money spell promising to make a huge stack of cash appear in front of you), you should also remember that beauty magick is a very real, powerful addition to an individual's spiritual arsenal. If you've ever wanted the skinny on beauty spells - what they are, how they work, and how to select a good one - this is the place for you.The history of beauty spellsTypically when we think of ancient magicks we think of curses and enchantments for power. This is facilitated by Hollywood and magick in popular culture, which often...

How to Charm a Girl Without Looks or Money (The Sexy Seduction Tips EVERY Man Must Master)

Who else wants to learn how to charm, impress and seduce any girl... even if you have had nothing but BAD luck in the past? Do you often wonder why so many "average" looking men do so well with beautiful women... and why so many others seem to settle for scraps? The truth is, there is so much myth and misinformation out there in terms of what women REALLY want from a man, that it's no great surprise that so many men are SO confused when they don't get the responses they want.Sound familiar? Let's take a quick look at some super common myths and misinformation about the sorts of stuff women REALLY find appealing, alluring and stimulating in a man... and if you truly want to super charge YOUR social life... the sort of stuff YOU should be doing as well.First understand this:While looks and money are NICE, and are a great big bonus if they're...

How to Sexually Charm Your Man – Sex Tips For Women

When I was younger, I do hear tales that the secret to a man's heart is his stomach. That is, if you are good in the kitchen, and you can always quench the hunger of your man with delicious meals, he would forever love you. As I grew up, I discovered it wasn't totally true. We need to understand that men love and want sex. Men are visual beings, so they think sex almost all the time. Giving him nice meals is one aspect, being able to meet his sexual need and satisfy him in bed, is another.I think more often than not, a combined balance of the two would do. That is, you must be able to connect with him effectively in these two areas. There is a saying that; sex starts in the kitchen. My own view of it is that this applies only to girls who knows the tricks of sex. He would long to take you to bed after serving him the food he enjoys, when he...

Do You Love the Sexy Look of Body Art Like Nipple Piercings But Not Problems Associated With It?

Do you love the sexy look of body artlike nipple piercing, buthate the idea of having to endure the pain? Or maybe you want to have a fabulous, edgy tattoo without having to wear the same design for the rest of your life. There are new designs for jewelry that have a sensational new look: No need to stick needles or other sharp instruments into any part or parts of your body. You can get this for anywhere on your body; the nipples, belly buttons, and even more private areas. Non-piercing nipple rings come in several designs. One kind involves a slightly adjustable ring of precious metal that wraps around the entire nipple. Another style of non piercing nipple rings sometimes have a rubber "O" ring on the inside to make them fit even more securely. These nipple rings designs will make the nipples stand out & at attention! CAUTION: Do not let...

Attracting Women – Can You Charm Her Too Much?

Several years ago I knew a woman who had a very real problem. She couldn't get past the second or third date with a guy without him showing up for the fourth date with a ring. Essentially, every single guy she agreed to go on a date with-pretty much without exception-fell in love, fell hard, and knew very quickly that he'd be foolish to let this woman go. So this was a rare woman indeed. And guys sensed it. They all WANTED to marry her. No "freedom loss" or "cutting their nuts off". They DESIRED a committed relationship with this woman...and FAST.She was beautiful, talented, fun to be around, earned a multiple six-figure income, and was of impeccable character. She seemed 21 though her chronological age was 35. And she was also humble and utterly blind to social pretense. In her mind, all she was ever doing on dates was being her smiling,...

Meaning of the Mediterranean Evil Eye Myth

Why the Evil Eye bead is more than just a good luck charm:The Evil Eye is more than just a superstitious myth, and evil eye beads are more than just good luck charms. They are a reminder that we are all one people.How's that?Take an Orthodox from Greece, a Catholic from Mexico, a Jew from Israel, or a Muslim from Turkey, Iran, or anywhere in the Middle East. Different people, different religions, everybody always fighting all the time, etc, etc.But what do they all have in common? They all believe in the Evil Eye, and they all wear these good luck charms to guard against it.The Evil Eye is a reminder that underneath it all, we are all the same human beings, even if we think we're different.In our eyes, that's what makes the evil eye REALLY cool!Enough editorial, now for the straight story...Throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, many people...

7 Power Packed Ways to Become a More Charming Person

If you have charm everybody listens to you and gives you more opportunities. This articles shows you how to be more charming and put it into practice in all your relationships.I will explain further:Don't say anything that attacks or lowers the self-esteem of others.Do not criticize, complain or condemn. It's the opposite of charming and makes the conversation negative and unpleasant. Practice your charm and resolve to be cheerful no matter what is going on in your private life.If you have something negative on your mind keep it to yourself Never talk about your problems in business and social settings.2. Use your charm and be agreeable. When someone says something you don't agree with it is charming to be completely neutral and keep it to yourself. Refuse to argue or suggest the other person is wrong.Even if the other person is wrong, let it...
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