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5 Easy Ways to Remove Skin Moles - Charmprincess





While moles used to be considered beauty spots or lucky charms, nowadays most people consider them to be a nuisance. Some people are so bothered by their moles that their personalities are changed. They become moody and aggressive because of their frustration. Most of these people consider that moles spoil their complexion making them unattractive. While this may not be true we are not here to judge.

Some moles can become a real health issue as they can develop into a malignant melanoma especially when exposure to the sun is constant. So you have to agree that moles can cause a lot of problems in a person’s life and that if such a thing happens they have to be removed. One who chooses to remove his moles has a variety of options available:

1. Surgery is the most popular method at the moment. It can however be expensive and will most likely leave a scar. It can remove any mole regardless of its type and size.

2. Laser surgery can be used to remove moles that protrude slightly from the skin. Flat moles however cannot be removed as the beam will not penetrate that deep in the skin.

3. Chemical peel is another way to remove moles. The problem with this method is that it can provoke adverse reactions due to the acidic nature of the substances used. It is not recommended to use this method.

4. Herbal remedies are also popular when it comes to removing moles. There are several herbal remedies and topical creams available on the market. You should consult an herbalist before using any of these products.

5. Natural remedies for removing moles are numerous but one of the most popular methods involves cleaning the mole with the help of a pumice stone and then applying a natural cream. The mole should dry and fall in a matter of weeks.

Source by Richard Forcey



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