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A Four Leaf Clover Bracelet Is A Very Special Gift - Charmprincess





If you are thinking of giving someone something distinct and meaningful, a four leaf clover bracelet would be something to consider. You can get them in all sorts of different designs and colors, you can pay a small fortune for one or it can cost you just a few dollars.

Giving a four leaf clover bracelet means good luck so it is a great way to some someone special that you care. You can give them this bracelet if they are going away traveling, or if they are going for an interview for a unique job opportunity. Imagination knows no bounds as to the occasions where you can give this simple gift. The original meaning was that as most clover is three left, if you do find a four leaf one, this is really good luck (sort of like finding a coin on the sidewalk). Giving a piece of jewelry with a four left clover automatically means really good luck as you are giving something exceptional.

Many of these clover bracelets are charm bracelets with one four leaf clover charm on a chain or a bangle. They can also look glitzy, simple or even antique. There's something for everyone. Pandora, for example also have four leaf clover dangle charms in different colors as well as their trademark round charms. Amazon also has a double sided shamrock bead that fits on Pandora type bracelets. On the Pandora theme, you can also find many charms and beads for these type of bracelets, even if they are not authentic. There is a clover bead that is made of the famous Venetian Murano glass or a sterling silver charm you could buy and then simply buy the bracelet to match it.

The fact is every one of us could use some good luck. Many people spend money buying lotto tickets. A four leaf clover bracelet is probably a better investment for your money and you either can keep the bracelet for many years yourself or buy one or more to gift to friends and family.

Should, for any reason you can not find a bracelet charm, you can probably use a charm from a necklace and adapt this. If you can not do it yourself, a jeweler will be able to do it for you. This way you have even more choice for a spectacular bracelet.

You can also enhance your four leaf clover look. Swarovski, for example has a three piece set for a very reasonable $ 50 or thereabouts. This includes a pendant necklace, a chain bracelet with a four leaf lover included as well as earrings. As with everything from Swarovski, the design of the clover is very beautiful. If you do not have a Swarovski shop nearby, check out this three piece set on Amazon.com.

You can look at jewelers' stores at your local mall or your main street. Looking online will bring up thousands of websites (including places like eBay) where you can shop to your heart's content. Certainly you will find ideas you can use. A four left clover charm or bracelet is something very special and unique.

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