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Finding a gift that is thoughtful, memorable and affordable might not seem possible, but it is. When charm bracelets are considered for young ladies and grown women all three characteristics will be met and then some.

They are an excellent selection for gift giving for a few very distinct reasons:

• Their timeless appeal – Charm bracelets are one of the few types of jewellery that never go out of style. Often given in childhood, they can grow and change along with the recipient. This type of bracelet has been in style for years and continues today to be an extremely popular choice.

• Their affordability – When cost matters in gift giving, charm bracelets make a particularly spectacular selection. Although they are highly popular, durable and well-received, they don’t tend to cost much money. A starter bracelet is a relatively inexpensive purchase considering its potential for lifelong appeal.

• Their distinction – charms are unique creations that change along with the wearer. As charms or beads are added, they become highly personalized pieces of jewelry. Even though their appearance may change through time, recipients tend to remember exactly who gave this gift, when, where and why.

• Their versatility – This type of bracelet isn’t one that is intended to look one way on the day of purchase and still look the same a decade down the road. They are meant to provide versatility for the owner so that person’ s unique personality can shine through.

• Their sentimentality – Charm bracelets tend to stay with the recipient throughout life. As they are added to, the original gift giver tends to be remembered. They can become rather sentimental heirloom pieces that reflect a wearer’s life and accomplishments.

As great as charm bracelets are to give as gifts, it is important to make sure not just “any” bracelet is picked up. There are some finer points to ponder before selecting a base bracelet.

When buying charm bracelets to give as gifts consider these things to make sure the piece of jewellery lasts and is enjoyed to its fullest:

• Purchasing a base piece of jewellery that’s sturdy – Charm bracelets are designed to have beads and charms added to them over the years. This means they are intended for a lot of use. While precious metals are always a nice choice, they may not stand up to the rigors a typical charm bracelet may face. There are special bracelets meant to hold charms and beads while standing up well to wear and added weight new charms might introduce.

• Not completing the look – A true charm bracelet is designed to let the wearer personalize it over time. While starting it out with some glass or crystal beads is a beautiful gesture, finishing it off might not be in order. If a completed look is desired, however, consider going with a somewhat neutral bead pattern so the recipient feels comfortable altering it over time.

• Adding to the look at special times – Once a charm bracelet has been purchased, it can provide a source for many subsequent gifts down the road. Consider adding special charms for the recipient when milestones are achieved, for example.

Charm bracelets are the kind of gift that doesn’t have to cost a lot, but can mean the world. Choose with care to buy an affordable gift that can stand up to the test of time.

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