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An End to End Solution - Nokia E Series Mobile Phones - Charmprincess





Nokia Enterprise Solutions is specially designed to help businesses and institutions all over the world to improve their productivity with extended mobility. The end to end solution has come up with business optimized mobile phones and a robust list of business optimized gateways as the back end support. The services offered in this Series of mobile phones include wireless email and device management, Intrusion Management, Firewalls and other professional services. This series of mobile phones provide secure mobile access, advanced voice capabilities, email supported by leading gateways, several connectivity options with stylish and easily usable designs.

Nokia E60, Nokia E61 and Nokia E70

The first of the Nokia E Series mobile phones have distinctively different design allowing businesses of all sizes in mobilizing their workforce.

The attractively designed and easy to use mobile phones use new technologies to help businesses to effectively manage their security settings, data and corporate applications. These series of models combine the must have applications that are needed in today’s business environment such as mobile email and advanced voice calling capabilities. The have been available all over the world since their launch in early 2006. These mobile devices support the most popular corporate mobile email solutions namely Blackberry Connect, Nokia Business Center, GoodLink form Good Technology Inc., and Seven Mobile Mail, Vista Mobile and Seven Always-On Mail etc. The Nokia E61, an upgrade to E60 has a full QUERTY keyboard and versatile connectivity options. This slim phone has a 2 mega pixel camera.

Nokia E50

Nokia E50 is a business phone with advanced voice support and a further addition to the Nokia E Series business optimized phones. It has a classical look with great voice features and claimed to be a business device rather than a smart phone.

Nokia E65

Nokia E65 is a tiny smart phone that has all the basic features of S60 without a key board and touch screen that has a 2 mega pixel camera.

Nokia E90

Nokia E90 has been made with vast improvements to the communicator model. With HSPDA, WI-FI and Bluetooth technologies it has enhanced connectivity to help business persons stay connected anytime and anywhere. The additional features are dual cameras, mapping applications and sync. It comes with a mini USB and a keyboard and internal screen.

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