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Are Wholesale Charms As Good As Custom Made Charms? - Charmprincess





In the past few years, charm bracelets have become more and more popular and wholesale charms to put on them are now available to purchase on the internet. Jewelry makers are now able to buy hundred of charms in one go, then make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry which they can sell on, keep for themselves or give to their friends or family. However, some people claim that wearing mass produced, wholesale charms actually detracts from the real meaning of charm bracelets. To discover the truth behind this statement, we will have to consider the real meaning behind charm bracelets.

The idea of charm bracelets has been around for thousands of years; with many historians believing that charm bracelets and charm necklaces were actually the first form of jewelry, because humans chose to wear charms to protect themselves, rather than wearing them as a form of decoration. Rather than buying wholesale charms, ancient peoples would take normal, natural objects and bless them. Things like animal teeth were used to offer the wearer protection when they were out hunting. Many of these ideas are no longer relevant in the modern world and some of the things which used to be worn as charms would no longer be acceptable today.

During the late 19th century, charm bracelets became very popular amongst the North American and European aristocracy. Members of the elites would spend a fortune on getting charms customer made for themselves or their friends, and these bracelets became symbols of wealth and opulence. As the middle-classes sought to copy the trends of the elites, mass-produced charms became more common. Eventually wholesale charms became available to purchase. Whilst custom made charms are still available today, they are still a bastion of the very rich. Suggesting that charms are only “valid” if they are one of a kind excludes a large population of society from being able to enjoy this magnificent form of jewelry.

Charm bracelets are one of the most expressive forms of jewelry available, because they can allow the wearer to tell their own personal story through the medium of jewelry. When it comes to a charm which is on a wearer’s bracelet, it does not matter whether it is a wholesale charm or whether it is a one of a kind item which has been custom made for them. The owner of a charm is able to ascribe their own personal meaning to any charm which is on their bracelet, and their interpretation of the item is far more important than its genus.

Making a bracelet out of wholesale charms is a perfectly acceptable way to make a charm bracelet, as long as it is a bracelet which you like and which has personal meaning to you or the recipient of the item. It is not essential that charm bracelets are made out of charms which are one of a kind, because the bracelet itself will become one of a kind thanks to the ways in which you choose to arrange the charms on it.

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