The Roaring Twenties obtained its name from being the years of action and reaction after the war. August of 1920 Women won the right to vote! Women felt they were equal to men and went to the barber to get their hair bobbed, dresses were shortened, lips were painted, dance marathons became the RAGE! The Fashions of the 1920’s were erratic!

Jewelry of the Art Deco Jazz Era was to compliment the sleek dress & soften the features of the short Bob hair style! Dangling Celluloid, Art Glass and French Jet Earrings (the Screwback in Earrings was now the norm), Swinging Long Beaded Glass and Bakelite Necklaces with Geometric Shapes, Rhinestone Brooches, Celluloid and Plastic Hatpins, a Multitude of Jeweled Celluloid and Silver Bangles added to the Razzle-Dazzle of the Flapper Outfit!

After the discovery of the opening of King Tut’s Tomb in 1922 the Fashion resembled the Jewels of Ancient Egypt and Queen Nefertiti. AND Girls who adhered to the Modern Styles of the 1920 Roaring Twenties were known as… FLAPPERS!

A Flapper was fashionably “IN” with Long Celluloid Necklaces and Celluloid Jewelry. It was the Fashion Trend for the Modern Day 1920’s Girl! A Flapper Girl would wear a Hatpin glittering with Paste or Rhinestones through the Front and also the Side of her Cloche Hat. Cloche is a hat which is close fitting to the head.

Celluloid was extremely popular in 1920’s but fascinatingly it was invented early on by John Wesley Hyatt in 1869 so it actually originated in Victorian Era. A significant factor in identifying a Victorian Antique Celluloid Brooch versus an Art Deco Era Brooch is by having both the tube hinge and “C” clasp closure in back. Celluloid Jewelry played a huge part in the Fashion Jewelry World but was discontinued until safer plastics had been introduced since it is highly flammable making it Highly Collectible Today!

The Art Deco Era influenced Everything from Wedding Cake Toppers to Fashion Jewelry to Bakelite Kitchenware in the Home!

So when you think about the Twiggy Mini Skirt, The Mary Quant Hair, Sixties Mod Jewelry, well, thank the Art Deco Roaring Twenties Era and the Wonderful Modern Flapper Girls of yesterday for originating a Beautiful Everlasting Style!

The Art Deco Roaring Twenties Period continues to influence our Fashion World Today!

Source by Sharon Lemell



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