All ladies love to be romanced; it’s in their make up. From love songs, to novels to romantic comedies, ladies love to be swept of their feet. And this is still the case when you are married. Just because you have tied the knot and life has settled down, it doesn’t mean the romance should have gone. So be her hero and treat your wife to a romantic gift. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Engrave your wedding rings

Take your wedding rings to a reputable jeweller and have a message engraved on the inside, then treat your wife to dinner and surprise her with the new addition. Quotes to use could be “Mine now and forever”, “Together Forever” or simply “I Love You”. Spend some time thinking of the perfect inscription and you will be your wife’s hero.

2. Romantic Paperweights

A lovely keepsake for your wife is a romantic paperweight. You could have one made of stone shaped like lovebirds, or maybe a glass paperweight with a romantic message inside. There are many options available for a beautiful paperweight that can be kept on her dressing table to remind her of your love.

3. Couples Pampering Day

Book you and your wife into a spa for the day and spend time swimming, using the Jacuzzi, the steam room, the sauna, have a mud bath, massages followed by a lovely candlelit dinner. There are lots of pampering packages available and are the perfect way to romance your wife.

4. Luxurious Lingerie

Lingerie is an ideal gift to give your wife. No matter what her taste you can find some luxurious lingerie to say you love her. From naughty, silk, lace, sexy or sweet there are pieces for everyone. Make sure you have the right size and that you are sure you’ve chosen the right lingerie or it may not be as romantic as you hoped!

5. A Gold Rose

A truly romantic gift for your wife is a rose that has been preserved and dipped in gold. Instead of an ordinary rose withering within a week, this will last forever and is therefore a perfect gift to give to your wife.

6. A Painting

If you met your wife at a well-known location then a romantic gift to give is a painting of this place. Or you could buy a painting of your honeymoon spot, the church you were married in, or a favourite place you have together. A thoughtful gift like this is very romantic and shows you care.

7. A Bag of Hearts

Another romantic gift to give your wife is a lovely pouch filled with silver heart charms. If you want to go a step further then buy her a bracelet that the charms can be attached to, then every year or anytime you want buy her a new heart. You could buy a heart for every year you’ve been married.

A gift that has came from the heart will always be a winner with your wife. Keep the romance alive by reminding her every now and again how much she means to you with a truly romantic gift.

Source by Jen S Carter



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