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Birthstone Charm Necklaces For Mom - Charmprincess





One of the best gift ideas for Moms is jewelry. Among the jewelry you can give Mom, birthstone jewelry would be a great choice. And among the jewelry, necklace is served to be the best because of the many possibilities you can create for it. You can personalize Mom's necklace by adding charms and Mom's birthstone. If you are at a loss on what birthstone your Mom has corresponding to her birth date, here is the list of birthstones according to the month it represents from January to June.

Garnet is the birthstone of those born in January. The color of this birthstone is red. It said to be an effective stone to ward off illnesses that is to come to the person wearing it. In earlier times, it is used to protect the one wearing it from nightmares and the dangling lurking in the dark.

People born in February have Amethyst as their birthstone. This is a purple colored stone. It is said to provide a stress free and peaceful life for the one wearing it. There are beliefs that Amethyst protects a person from going bald, and from the risk of being deceived.

The birthstone of people born in March is Aquamarine. Aquamarine's color ranges from light blue to sea blue. It is often associated in promoting good health, love, friendship, and romance. Seafarers and fishermen use this stone as a protection when they sail to sea.

Diamond is the birthstone of those born in April. This stone's ultimate hardness signifies true and unending love.

May babies' birthstone is Emerald. This stone is related to good health by relieving the people with ailments. In ancient times, they say that Emerald is worn by people if they want to have the power of seeing future events. Emerald is also a stone that may help you to have more friends.

Moonstone and Pearl are the birthstones of those born in June. With the birthstones' elegant and conservative color and texture, it is often related to modesty and purity. It is used to protect and give good luck for women and children. Moonstone and Pearl are also used to have a beautiful marriage.

Actually, there is no standing rule that tells you to buy a birthstone appropriate for your birth date. Gemstones and semi-precious stones also have meanings not only as a birthstone but also as a charm or luck for the one who is wearing it.

If you decide to give Mom a birthstone charm necklace then you must take note first of Mom's birth date. You may also add in Mom's necklace the birthstones of those people dear to her such as her family. But you may also base the birthstone you might want to add in Mom's necklace with what you want Mom to have in her life. It could be good health, romance, friendships, career growth, and many more. Make Mom's necklace more special by personalizing it with her name or important dates in her life engraved on the pendant or charms of her jewelry.

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