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Cast a Good Luck Spell - Charmprincess





Throughout history, human kind has always tried to manipulate the elusive “luck” to their favor. The application of amulets, talisman, or good luck charms has been evident and can be found at museums around the world. The magic of such charm can not be dismissed. So how does it work? There are numerous good luck charms that can be found at novelty shops and on the Internet. They all seem legit, but yet impersonal. So how does it work? More importantly, how do you make such charm work for you? How do you cast a spell with your luck charm?

Here are some suggestions to cast a good luck spell onto your charm:

  1. Choose a luck charm. It has to be something unique and rare like a four leaf clover, or any trinket with personal significance. It must be an object that you can have with you at all times, like a key ring, a coin, or a ring.
  2. Compose your good luck manta. It must be specific and reasonable. “I want money” is not specific enough, or “I want to win the lottery ” is too specific. The best mantra is “I want everything I do to work out to my advantage. I want all all things to work out in my favor.” Do not offer any sort of consequence in exchange. That would be black magic.
  3. Three times a day, repeat your mantra, morning, noon, and evening. It is more powerful, if the mantra is hand written. Read out load it as you repeat the mantra through out your day. Rub on your charm and chant your mantra whenever you can to channel the “energy” to the charm.
  4. Carry the lucky charm with you at all times, each time something happy and lucky happens to you, rub on it to “charge” the good vibe. Be patient, magic does not happen overnight.
  5. Place your lucky charm under your pillow and “sleep on it”.
  6. Most importantly, do good! It does not have to a deed. Something as simple as a compliment to a stranger is good karma. Karma is the most powerful force of all magic.

It may seem silly and immature at first, but do not ignore the power of suggestion. As you practice this ritual, the power of suggestion will be reinforced in your brain and the karma around you.

Now you’ve got the secret of the best good luck spell ever! Make it work for you. Good Luck!

Source by Wes Huang



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