I have to admit it, shopping is my one true enjoyment and pleasure in life. Even though I go to all the stores and shop all the sales, I really only buy just what I need. I get great deals on many different things from clothing to home decorations and accessories. What I never expected that my shopping hobby would turn into a wonderful Christmas surprise and a collection of matching charm bracelets for the whole family.

There were hints I should have noticed, like the fact that my husband suddenly started to want to come to the stores we me. Normally he dreads shopping, but all of a sudden he seemed to want to be there no matter when or where I went.

In addition to my husband, my daughter, who is not really all that into shopping suddenly also wanted to go. So did the other female members of the family including my sister-in-law and her mother. Despite these obvious clues that something was going on I really didn’t give it a second thought.

Just before Christmas is a great time to find sales and one day, while shopping on my own, I found a jewelry store offering seventy-five percent off their charm bracelets. This was on both silver and gold, so I decided to get one for my family members, but would pass on one for myself to stay on my holiday budget.

I loved the collection of gold charm bracelets and chose one for my mother-in-law. For my daughter and sister in law I decided on the silver ones. Adding a few charms was definitely a must on all the bracelets as well. On each bracelet I put a charm of their initials, plus also a beautiful charm to represent the city in which we live.

When Christmas day finally arrived I was so excited to give my charm bracelet gifts. I loved how they all were unique and different, put also had the distinctive initial and city charms that made them coordinate with each other.

My gift was a huge, brightly decorated shopping bag. It was from the whole family and contained things from the stores I love to shop at. Also included was a long, rectangular box. When I opened it I was thrilled and kind of surprised to see one of the most elegant charm bracelets I had looked at earlier.

Even though we never discussed keeping the charms and the charm bracelets the same, the family had included both my initials and the exact same charm of the city on their bracelet to me. So in the end we all had matching charm bracelets, without even meaning for it to happen.

Source by Jessica Y



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