A wise man once said that the hardest way to impress someone is by… trying to impress them. It works against you, and especially so with women. They have an extraordinary sense for these kinds of things, and they know immediately when you’re trying to leave a better impression of yourself.

Stop now. You are shooting yourself in the foot by doing this kind of “impression management”. It’s exactly because of the “female intuition” that this doesn’t work. That girl has probably seen it happen tens, if not hundreds of times. Bragging and trying to make yourself look good don’t work.

It’s not a question of honesty. Or at least, MOSTLY not a question of honesty. What it’s all about is the fact that you’re giving your power away.

When you do these things where you try to make yourself look rich, confident,  charming , clever and so on, then the girl instantly reads you and thinks, “wow, he must care a lot about what I think of him”. Caring about what others think of you is a sign of a weak man that is not in control of his life.

Real men have themselves as the source of their self-esteem. They know that they like themselves, regardless of everyone else’s opinion. It’s sexy to be a leader, not a follower.

The next time you’re with a girl, stop trying to impress her. Focus on having fun together with her and focus on the sexual energy between you, and nothing else. In fact, you can be successful with a girl even when she does not know much about you.

Mystery is sexy. It’s different. Most guys lay it all bare on the first date. It’s much more exciting when she finds out that cool fact about you ALL ON HER OWN.

So there, that’s the key to  charming  women. Don’t try to  charm  women. And this is just the beginning..

It takes a complete shift in your mindset, beliefs and actions to take your success with women up to another new level. You need to immerse yourself completely and become a student of this area. Because there is a lot to be learned…

Source by Joshua Egidio



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