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Charm Your Life With Lucky Eyes - Charmprincess





We can never deny the fact that modern society still believes in the unknown. There are some things that cannot be explained by Science that affects our day-to-day life. Positive and negative energies are invisible forces that shape our life according to our will. Positive energies enhances our physical, emotional, and mental prowess – making it easy for us to achieve our ideals and goals; while negative energies will surely pull us down as well climb to the top of the ladder.

Man’s Boundless Capacity For Success

According to Kabbalah, man has the power to shape his own destiny according to his or her will. The positive energies from God the helped create this world can be used to help us achieve success in our lives. Following the virtues from the divine will yield positive results that we often mistake as miracles, rather than crediting it to our own capability as God’s creations.

But despite the overwhelming positive forces that contribute to our success, the existence of negative forces is still around us that can pull us down as we climb higher up in the social ladder. These negative energies have different sources – from pollution in our environment, from negative emotions within us, as well as the hatred and anger directed at us from someone who are harboring ill feelings towards our existence.

The Existence Of The Evil Eye

The presence of the Evil Eye has caused many fears in modern society. This ancient belief of negative forces being transferred to a person with a simple gaze originated from the Middle East, which eventually made its way to the modern West.

The concept of the Evil Eye is simple. When a person harbors negative feelings towards you, they tend to amass negative forces deep within their hearts and mind – all of this is released when both your eyes meet and willfully transfer all of their emotions to you. The sudden surge of negative forces tends to disrupt our body’s harmony, causing positive energies to go haywire and negative energies to surround you.

This often leads to misfortune, physical breakdown, emotional problems, and more that cannot be explained by simple rationale.

The Lucky  Charm 

Various religions have come up with different ways on countering the effects of the Evil Eye. Some undergo meditation to set up their own spiritual defense, visualization to produce a shield of positive energy, or using rituals and symbols to nullify its devastating effects.

But the most commonly used technique for counter the forces of the Evil Eye is through the use of its opposite – Lucky Eyes. Used as jewelry or as a fashion statement, Lucky Eyes may be made off stones, jewels, and ceramics with the symbol of an eye. This is said to absorb the negative energies coming from the Evil Eye or any other sources in the surrounding.

Source by Vanessa A. Doctor



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