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Chefwear: Professional and Hygienic - Charmprincess





It makes a huge impression on a customer when the chef and waiters are dressed in uniform. A chef wearing a chef’s jacket and trousers along with the matching hat looks professional and gives customers the assurance that they will receive a tasty and well-presented meal. Chefwear gives the restaurant a professional appeal and it has a key purpose which is to be hygienic.

For the chef, they have the choice of wearing a Basic Chef’s Jacket with long or short sleeves, in black or white, or a Contrast Chef’s Jacket in white with black trim around the sleeves and neck. To complete the outfit, they can wear chef’s trousers in a standard, baggy or cargo design. The basic white jacket looks crisp, clean and neat. It is considered to be traditional chefwear and customers tend to trust this appearance more. On the other hand, black jackets have become popular recently because they are modern and give the restaurant a sophisticated charm. Younger customers tend to gravitate towards the modern appeal more so than traditional styles.

The Chef’s Hat is another unique style that we associate with professionals cooks. But did you notice that there are different styles available? You’ll find the standard version which is the white cotton hat that has the elongated shape above the head, a minimalist design that fits snugly around the head with no elongated shape, and the modern design that is a skull cap design with a tie at the back. The main purpose of a Chef’s Hat is to keep the hair out of the face and out of the food. This is a very important hygiene factor that restaurateurs need to keep in mind because customers will send the food back if they find strands of hair in it.

Disposable chefwear is made with hygiene in mind, keeping the staff and the customers hygienically safe. Disposable gloves are essential for anyone who works with food. If you touch food, it’s best to use latex, vinyl or plastic gloves that you can dispose of. This will prevent any cross contamination of bacteria. For staff who work in a butchery where raw meat is prevalent, disposable sleeve protectors, aprons, shoe covers and paper face masks are essential. Before you leave the butchery, you need to dispose of any item that has come in contact with the raw meat.

Chefwear gives your restaurant a professional appearance that customers love to see but their main purpose is to ensure the cleanliness of the restaurant. A hygienic restaurant leads to happy customers.

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