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Collecting Charm Jewellery - Charmprincess





 Charm  jewellery has had a long history of being worn as amulets or keepsakes to protect the wearer against evil spirits and bad luck. For instance, ancient Egyptians’ would wear  charms , attached to bracelets, as a form of identity and to show their faith to their gods in the afterlife. Early Roman Christians’ also wore  charms , designed to resemble images of fish, as a form of recognition and identity.

But as beliefs in superstitions faded during the Renaissance period, so did its uses. Although by the beginning of the 20th century,  charms  became popular again due to Queen Victorias’ love of bracelets designed with the images of her children.

 Charms  today are quite popular and come in a wide range of styles, and can be displayed in various ways. For example, earrings, rings, necklaces, and the most popular being the bracelet.

When buying and building this form of jewellery, a good way to start would be to select a category. For instance,  Charms  can be designed to suit any occasion, and depending on the wearer, can be designed to represent any interest, special moment, sport, or hobby.

There are 3 popular forms of  charm  jewellery available. These are known as the Traditional  Charm  Bracelet,  Charm  jewellery necklaces, and the Italian  Charm  Bracelet.

Made with plenty of links, the traditional  charm  bracelet allows the wearer to collect and attach or remove as many attachments to the bracelet over time. If building your jewellery from scratch proves a little daunting, another option would be to buy one that is ready made with the  charms  already attached, allowing it to be worn immediately.

Italian bracelets are designed quite differently. Rather than have the  charms  dangle, these are laid flat onto bracelets made with a plain band of around 18 to 20 links, and the  charms  can be snapped on or off. As for the necklaces, these are a very good for safeguarding delicate  charm  jewellery, as well as displaying the pieces that are too large for the bracelet.

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