Mobile phones can be termed as the greatest inventions of modern times. It wouldn’t be a misnomer to state that they have ushered a revolution in the way communication was carried out on phone. Gone are the days when one had to stick to telephones to continue with their conversation, now they move with the mobiles in their pockets. Indeed mobiles have transformed the single use object like phone into a multi-utility phenomenon.

These days one come across scores of mobiles flooding the mobile market and it would not be a bad idea to compare these mobile phones to figure out what are the different types of mobiles which are floating in the market.

For starters there are some super hi-tech mobiles doing rounds in the market. These mobiles include all types of facilities that one can think of. It would be better to address them as mini computers. Armed with such fantastic features like QWERTY key board which really makes them the best business phones, they have plenty of other features as well. For example they have highly advanced cameras which enable the users to take some high quality snaps as well as video.

Such hi-tech mobiles also include video conferencing facility. These phones also include music system and as such can prove to be of immense value to music lovers. They can now listen to music of their choice.

These phones have down loading facility as well which allows the user to down load the music of his choice. Similarly these handsets have games programmed in them and in addition to it they also allow the user the freedom to down load the games of his choice. In addition to it these mobiles also extend the facility of down loading the ring tones apart from different ring tones programmed in the mobiles.

Most of these mobiles belong to the slider variety which means they can be slided open or close. Also they come in attractive casing which add tremendous glamour to these wonderful handsets.

The other variety can be termed as simple. Mobiles which are specially suited to people who believe that mobiles are primarily meant for making and receiving calls. In such types every step is taken to ensure that communication is at its smoothest. Its not that no other feature is provided in these mobiles as they also possess some interesting set of games but their main focus is on making and receiving calls.

Mobiles can roughly be classified into these two major categories and it really depends on the individual concerned to understand what he wants from his mobile and then purchase accordingly.

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