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Create Feng Shui Wealth Without Draining Your Pocket - Charmprincess





Considering the practice of Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years, over 3000 years by some accounts, it is no wonder that there is so much written and published about this ancient practice.  And since its has been around for such a long time it is unlikely that what we practice today is exactly the same as the original Feng Shui practices of old.  In fact, there are so many deviations from the original practices that several branches of F.S. exist of which Feng Shui Wealth is but one of these.

Although one version may claim that a certain color can accomplish certain goals, another version may claim using crystals or figurines. However you decide to use Feng Shui, be rest assured that the principles you’re following have been around for much longer than you have, and have been tested by a wide variety of people long before you walked the Earth.

Even with so many variations a main principle still dominates. Feng Shui is mainly based on the application of the Law Of Attraction and refers to the technique of increasing the flow of natural energy, also known as “Chi” by clearing out negative elements in your environment and drawing in the positive energy around you to attract various things like more money, better health, more successful and happier relationships or even just a stress free mind, amongst a multitude of other motives.

Since the beginning of time Wealth has been sought after by many, and practicing Feng Shui Wealth is probably one of the more practiced variations of Feng Shui, the attraction of abundance of wealth or money and prosperity in business and our homes. Again there are many different ideas on how to achieve this, and again there is one broad yet main idea, surrounding yourself with signs of abundance while constantly thinking off and believing in the concept of abundance.  

In F.S. the kitchen is the most important part of your home where wealth is concerned, because it represents nourishment. Although any environment has a Feng Shui Wealth area or corner and is always located in the South-East of the room or house or even your desk and it is this zone that needs to be focused on.

In most cases followers use lucky charms and figurines of Feng Shui Wealth gods in order to activate these wealth areas or corners by placing Feng Shui Charms in the wealth area to strengthen the flow of ‘Chi’.  Others swear by using colors, when it comes to Feng Shui Wealth the Element for the South-East Sector is Wood and therefor earthy colors like light browns and greens are normally used.  Using a bit of blue also helps to enhance the wood element since it represent water and the flowing of wealth into this area.  Do not overuse metallic colors like silver, bronze and limit the use of gold as this tends to interfere with the flow of ‘Chi’ for wealth. Some Gold can be used as long as you make sure it is something that represent wealth like a coin or the three coins tied with a red ribbon.

Below is some of the more familiar Feng Shui Cures that you can use in your environment to achieve Feng Shui Wealth:

  • Start off by making sure the area that you wish to enhance is clear of any clutter and the area is well lit.  Look around, make sure everything looks clean and new and repair any items that might be broken or repaint old items. It doesn’t mean stuff things under your bed or into corners and cupboards, you need to be conscious of the things you need or don’t. By giving generously of what you can and don’t need can even help clear out a cluttered mind, less stuff to be concerned about.
  • Use positive affirmations about wealth as often as possible. Affirmations like: “Money and Success come easily to me”, or, “I am a magnet for Wealth and Success”.
  • Use Chinese Coins, they symbolize money and will attract more money when located in the wealth area.  Place the coins in all the places related to money in your environment such as your desk or your wallet.
  • The use of a model Ship in Feng Shui represents success in business affairs. Using a model of a sailing ship who’s sail are filled with wind and loaded with treasure will attract luck in a business and is a symbol of happiness and fullness of life. To symbolize prosperity flowing into your area, locate your ship close to the door and have the bow directed into the room.
  • A Money Frog is another one of the major symbols of prosperity in Feng Shui. Located close to the door facing the room will symbolize it bringing money into the area. And to protect your wealth you can use a figurine of a dog, place this in the wealth area itself.
  • Use a glass bowl or crystal container in your wealth area to keep your loose coins or small change in, this forms the image of increasing wealth and will attract more money.
  • Heard the saying “better half full than half empty”, well this is true in Feng Shui Wealth, keep food and drink containers over half full if you can, this gives the impression of abundance, of more rather than less.
  • Avoid dried flowers or fake arrangements, rather use fresh flowers or even fresh fruit in a bowl, some say green or purple grapes, as this resembles life and prosperity. 
  • Grow a Lucky Bamboo or a Live Money Tree with round leaves representing coins in your wealth area, Remove any dead flowers or leaves to avoid bad energy.
  • Have a fishbowl or small aquarium with between 3 and 9 gold fish as this represents both the flow of water (energy) and a bit of gold (wealth), be sure to change the water regularly as Feng Shui doesn’t like stagnant water.

Try a few of these simple steps in your every day life, although simple it can be very effective when you adopt the right attitude to Feng Shui Wealth. But Remember, even with the help of Feng Shui, success and wealth still ultimately comes from working hard and not living outside of your means.

Source by Deon Hoffmann



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