Do you ever wonder what the best penis size is? If size matters at all? Or maybe whether you’re big enough? Don’t worry, it’s one of the most common insecurities among us men. You’re not alone.

It’s an insecurity that affects men on 3 different levels. Here’s what men really worry about:

1) “Am I going to be able to sexually satisfy the girl I’m with? Am I going to be able to perform?”

2) “Is my penis physically attractive enough? Would a woman be more attracted to a larger penis?”

3) “Am I less masculine if my penis isn’t as big as the next guy?”

To provide insight on this topic, Alex Allman did a 2,000 women study on it. This is possibly the best data in the world on how women really think about penis size.

“Does size matter?”

About half of the women answered size doesn’t matter at all. The other half said it does. It mattered both for sexual satisfaction and attractiveness.

But here’s where it gets interesting. How important is it? Alex asked women to and the importance of penis size among dozens of other factors. Most studies don’t go this deep into the question.

It turns out that there are about 50 factors that are more important than penis size. Which is fascinating because you never hear this part. We heavily overestimate it’s importance as men. Size is about as important as nice hair.

Some of these factors that beat size are: good smile, broad shoulders, height, nice hair, being emotionally open, charm, sense of humour,… and on and on.

So if you ever though of going for any penis enlargement methods, then know you’re way better of doing some dental work. Nice smile beat penis size. It wasn’t even close.

Of course there are exceptions. Under 5% of the women said penis size is one of the main factors. It’s their fetish. They exist but they are rare. To put this into perspective, there are guys for whom eye colour matters a lot. They could only ever date a girl with green eyes. That exists but it’s not common.

“What’s the best penis size?”

This is another interesting part of the study. Alex asked these 2000 women what their ideal size is. When he averaged all the numbers, it turns out women prefer a 5.8 inch penis length.

Different studies have measured the average. They vary between 5.5 and 6 inches. And the majority of men fall into this bracket of the size chart.

So they nailed the average. Which is incredible. So if you’re average, you’re right there. You will please the vast majority of women.

But there’s another crucial factor here: How important is it to you? Your size might be what a woman prefers, but if you’re insecure about it then that might be a deal breaker in and of itself. Women reported that a men who’s insecure about his size, is an impossible men to date.

It’s not the size that is the deal breaker in this case, but your insecurity. So you got to find a way to gain confidence in this area.

So you got to ask yourself: “How important is it to you yourself for your own feeling of masculinity?”

That’s really where it can screw up your whole life. That’s where penis size is incredibly, incredibly important.

And the question you have to ask yourself as a man is: “If it doesn’t matter to women, why should it matter so much to you? And why should you be judging how much of a man you are based on the size of a particular body part?”

And if you really examine that question, I hope that you’ll come to the conclusion that you need to do something about this attitude.

Source by Ben C. Benson



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