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Essential Games for the HTC Evo Shift - Charmprincess





Angry Birds is the first game that comes to mind when discussing mobile gaming. This simple game is among the most addicting simply because it is a very easy game. Its mixture of humor, cute graphics, and well designed physics have made it the most popular game on every major mobile phone platform. You control a team of birds who are seeking revenge on a set of egg stealing pigs. Playing Angry Birds while using your case will not be a problem. The best part of Angry Birds is that it is available for free on the Android Market.

Fruit Ninja is a game that comes in very close behind Angry Birds. Fruit Ninja allows the user to swipe his finger over their screen and cut fruits that are thrown into the air. The more you swipe without letting them fall back down, the more points you earn. You can even play with a screen protector. Although this game is not free it is very inexpensive and it is worth the price because this is a very good game.

WordsWithFriends is a new game that is just as popular as Scrabble. This game is great because it allows you to play with friends and opponents that may or may not have the Android platform. For example, if you have a friend who has an iPhone, and you wanted to play a game with them, then WordsWithFriends is the only game that currently allows you to do that. This gaming app is also a free download.

The last game you should check out for your device is called Doodle Jump. This gaming app has a very interesting and unique control scheme. There are no buttons that need to be pressed, instead you only need to tilt the device left or right to choose the direction you want to jump in. There are enemies for you to avoid, and even little trinkets to collect while jumping from platform to platform. This game is like most of the gaming apps, it is fun and can be very addicting.

Do not limit your choice of games to the ones that we have discussed here. There are many different genres of games that you may choose from. Look around the Android Market at what is popular, or in sections that interest you. This smart phone is great because it can easily be customized to be your own unique device. None of the games will have any problem interacting with any of your accessories.

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