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FAQ - Charmprincess





What is the official Charm time?

Here you can find the current server time that our site sales and auctions are based. The time is not based on the buyer or sellers local time but the actual server time from the Eastern Time Zone. Everytime you refresh it – you can see the updated server time.

How much does it cost to list on Charmprincess?

Most basic listings are FREE on Charmprincess. We just take a percentage of the sale.
However, you are limited to a certain number of FREE listings per month – which is 25 listings. If you would like to increase this – you can purchase a listing subscription. They allow you to list many more items per month depending on your specific selling needs. It is easy to setup and start and just as easy to cancel.

You can also upgrade and downgrade services as well.

Visit our subscriptions page for more info and costs.

What is the Seller Dashboard?

The seller dashboard is the entire selling / promotion area of the Charmprincess site. Once you are approved as a seller – you can start to access this area to list your items. In this area you can list you items for sale, auction, create coupons and process orders. You can also setup your own specific terms and conditions page for your buyers, vacation notice, store discounts and much more.

For more info – you can visit the Seller Guide.

What if there is a problem with the site?

If you come across an issue with the site – please click on the Feedback button located to the middle right side of each page. A box will popup that you can fill out with you contact info and describe the issue with as much detail as possible. We will try to review them and fix/improve site issues as fast as possible.

Can I promote my site or products here?

Yes, if you are a seller on this site – you can definitely promote your store or products on Charmprincess. We offer 2 methods – site ads and sponsorship.

1. Creating ads is easy and you can visit the specific page to buy ad space through the Charmprincess site. You will need to fill out the form and make a payment. You can provide different size banners that will show up for a specific period of time. Visit our page here to Create Ads.

2. Sponsorship opportunities can be purchased on Charmprincess as well. You will need to fill out the form and provide a logo or link to your site/store. This sponsorship will be visible on all page footer and through out various sidebars on the site for a specific period of time. Visit our page here to setup Sponsorship opportunities.

What payment processors are used on this site?

Currently, we use Paypal (including credit cards) and Stripe. No other payment methods will be accepted. We will update this section from time to time as additional payment processors will be added.

What is the security info for this site?

Our Site is 100% Safe & Secure.

  1. Attempting to bypass the assigned payment methods (ex. Major Credit cards, Gift Cards, Paypal and Stripe)  is strictly prohibited by Charm Princess and will result in an immediate account termination.
  2. At no time will Charm Princess request or store sensitive data such as user’s bank account information or passwords to payment accounts. Users will securely provide this information only within and when Charm Princess is prompted by their Paypal or Stripe Accounts.
  3. Ask questions and have a conversation via email if need be.
  4. Additionally, exercise extreme caution when and if you receive offers from 3rd-party companies or individuals offering personal assistance.

Never arrange to personally meet anyone who contacts you through your Charm Princess pages / listings.

Report any suspicious activity directly to us.

PayPal Logo

How can I track my order?

To track you order, there is 2 ways to do it. You can first visit the track order page and enter your order id and billing email address for an update. The other way to do it is from your account page and visit the my order section. There should be a button to check on your order and even track the shipment.

Does this site offer a Wishlist service?

Currently, we have a wishlist function which allows you to save items to the wishlist. You can re-visit the wishlist, as well as forward to a friend or family member. You can re-visit the site and add the item(s) to the shopping cart for checkout as well. It is very easy to use.

Do you have an advanced search function?

Yes, there is a specific search page that allows you to search by price, specific attribute such as metal type, stone, brand and more. You can find this page on our Advanced Search page.

What brands are sold on this site?

Currently, we offer over a hundred different brands of charms and charm bracelets. You can specifically search for them from our brand section – Brand List.

Guides and how to create them…

No matter what you’re buying from Charmprincess it’s important that you’re making well informed purchasing decisions. Our guides will lead you through the process. It’s simple to create and post it in minutes.

  • Jewelry & WatchesGift Cards & CouponsEverything elseClassifiedsPlease choose the best category for your guide
  • p

    Write the full description of your Guide

  • Upload any images for your guide.

  • Provide a short description of this guide (optional)

  • Add your Charmprincess store site address here.

  • Separate tags with commas.

Charmprincess Fee Structure

Classified Ads-

  • Basic Listing Fees – FREE! (Only good for 14 days.)
  • Ad listing cost varies depending on length of listing time.
  • Featured Items will incur an additional cost. (Coming Soon!)


  • Listing Fees – FREE!
  • Final Value Fee – 5% of sales price including Best Offer once item is sold.


  • Basic Listing Fees – FREE!
  • Final Value Fee – 5% of sales price including Best Offer once item is sold.

How to create and use collections?

Charmprincess is excited to introduce Collections, which are groups of Charmprincess items personally chosen by our members.  These collections can be mixed and matched around a theme, concept or anything else one envisions. By creating intriguing and inspiring collections of products, you can attract eager buyers who are able to purchase items right from the collections you create. The  collections you create can also be exposed to new buyers via sharing from other members and have the potential to appear on the Featured collections page. It is very simple to create and use so have no fear.

All the collections can be found on the main collections page – www.charmprincess.com/collections./

Creating a Collection
To create a collection, or add an item to one of your existing collections:
  1. Find an item that interests you.In the listing page, click Add to collection.
  2. If you don’t already have a collection started, we help you create a new collection.
  3. Add a description of the item, or mention what you like about it.
  4. Click Add to collection when you’re done.

Manage a Collection

You can see your collections by visiting the My Collections page at the main menu found on most pages and click on the drop-down menu. You can also go to your profile to see your collections.

To make changes to a collection, click Edit. You can change the title, add or edit a description, make it private, or delete it.

When you create a collection, it’s automatically visible for everyone to see. If you’d like to make it private, so only you can see it, you can privatize your collection.

Follow a Collection
To follow a collection, click Follow next to the collection title. The items in the collection are added to your feed, and other members can see the collections you follow in your profile. You can privatize a collection to make the collections you follow public or private.

To stop following a collection, find the collection in your profile and click Following to deselect it.

Commenting on a Collection – Coming Soon!

If you have questions or something to say about a collection, you can comment using the box at the end of the collection. The collection’s creator and other members will be able to see and respond to your comment.

If you change your mind about a comment you wrote, you can delete it at any time by clicking Delete at the bottom of your comment.

Click Like to agree with or show your appreciation for other members’ comments.

Is Waitlist service offered?

Yes, waitlist service is offered on a per product basis. Each individual vendor store can offer this on their own listed products. How does this work?


It takes just seconds for customers to join a waiting list via a button on the product listing on CharmPrincess.

When the vendor updates their stock numbers on the site, everyone who is on the waitlist automatically gets an email with a link to the product, making it super-simple for you to be notified and buy.

What is displayed on My Account page?

My Account page is very important on Charmprincess. It contains all your credits, gift card balances, points, Auction bidding info, watchlist, waiting list, my ads(classifieds), shipping addresses as well as access to the Seller dashboard. Seller dashboard is only available to those users who have applied to become a Charmprincess seller and have been approved by the admin. All buyers will not see this section or menu.

My Account1


Note – the features and information will vary from user to user depending on what access and features are being used.

How do I find out my balance for store credit or gift cards?

The best way to find out if you have any account funds, store credit or gift card balance is to visit your My Account page.


Just below the hello section of your My Account section will it list your store credit balance.

Your Account Funds can be also displayed on your checkout page when you are ready to purchase something from Charmprincess. Please check out the image below as an example.


Is there a way to setup more than one ship to address?

How do my customers add addresses to their order?

When your customer selects the option to add multiple addresses, they will be taken to a new checkout screen where they will be able to add, save, re-use shipping addresses previously entered or saved to their account, for each product and quantity. To “copy” addresses from item to item, the customer should save an entered address, then select it, all during this process.


How are shipping fees calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated per “shipping address.” If your customer is shipping their orders to multiple locations, they are responsible for the individual costs of each shipment because despite this being a single order to save time, they are still shipping items to multiple locations. Any shipping method you set will be available to the customer to select for each shipping address.


Refer a Friend benefits and more..

In order for Refer a Friend to work – you must be logged into the site and not a guest. Once you are logged in then all the functions and features will be available.

1. You can refer your friends and family to the site via a link –


2. You can refer your friends and family to your product pages or shop via link-

[site-url-here] ?raf=2
(site-url-here – would be your specific product pages link or shop link found once you have setup and opened your store.)

3. You can share your links with your favorite social media – facebook, twitter and google+ right from our website.

4. You can track all your referral stats from this page and see how many people visited the site and actual checked out.

5. For every referral that you provide – you are offered a coupon to use on this site. You can also track all your coupons on this page.

Community Info

Charm Princess website includes several social features to communicate with other users. There are 4 specific areas to communicate with other people and find out more information in our forum area.

Community – This is our members area with a listing of all the current user names. Here you can send out a friend request and wait for a friendship acceptance.

Activity – This is our activity area where you can find out what is going on our site and what other members have to say to each other.

Groups – On this page you can start a group or just join one. Many groups can be started from this page.

Forums – Here one cane easily setup discussion forums on the Charm Princess site as well as respond to current discussions. Many topics will be covered on this site regarding Getting Started to specific discussions about specific categories bought and sold on this site.

Payment Policies (Accepted and Not Accepted)

CharmPrincess accepted payments policy gives buyers and sellers convenient payment options. Sellers need to state in their listing specifically which payment methods they accept and only offer payment methods approved by CharmPrincess.

Make sure your listing follows these specific guidelines. If it doesn’t, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account for a period of time.

Accepted Payments

  • PayPal
  • All Major Credit cards

Payments Not Allowed

  • Sending cash through the mail
  • Sending cash or money orders through instant, point-to-point cash transfer services (that are not banks) such as Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Mailing checks or money orders (except for items in categories specifically permitted)
  • Paying through bank-to-bank transfers (except for items in categories specifically permitted below)
  • Paying by “topping off” a seller’s prepaid credit or debit card
  • Paying using online or other payment methods not specifically permitted in this policy
  • Asking buyers to contact them for additional payment methods
  • Offering a payment method to some buyers and not to others
  • Discouraging buyers from using any payment method the seller specified in the listing
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Online payment services: Allpay.net, CertaPay, hyperwallet.com, Fiserv, Nochex.com, XOOM
  • Asking buyers to pay using a method not mentioned in the listing.
  • Bank-to-bank transfers (also known as bank wire transfers and bank cash transfers)

These rules apply to all transaction-related correspondence between a seller and buyer as well as the listings.

How to Spot Fake Charm Products?

How to identify imitation Pandora charms

Along with the increase in popularity of Pandora and other charm bracelets by European companies such as Troll and Chamilia, there has also been a rise in the number of knockoff pieces attempting to imitate the unique and distinctive style of the originals. Most of these counterfeit pieces are peddled via the Internet to unsuspecting online buyers. What is particularly troublesome is that for many serious collectors, online purchasing is the only way to acquire some of the more rare pieces that are no longer in issue, or items not sold in the same country. But online buying can be a wonderful way to obtain some great pieces if you know what to look for. The following are some tips to help you know you’ve got a genuine Pandora item!

Look for the engraved Pandora markings

Pandora products are all engraved with a number of distinctive markings that characterize and distinguish them from counterfeiters or other brands.

The ALE inscription

Perhaps the most distiguishing marking is the inscription of three letters, “ALE”. The inscription comes from the founder of the Pandora jewelry company, Per Enevoldsen – the initials are those of his father, Algot Enevoldsen. Without exception, Pandora charms and accessories display the ALE inscription. It is typically found in close proximity to the gold or sterling silver mark. If the piece does not have the ALE inscription, you can be sure it is not the genuine article. Unfortunately, imitators have become more adept copying Pandora pieces and some will include the ALE mark so you will need to look for other indicators to be sure the piece is authentic Pandora.

Crown over the letter “o” in “Pandora”

Look for this marking on the barrel clasps. This is an excellent indication that the piece is legitimate, however, older Pandora jewelry made prior to 2008 will not carry this marking — so if you don’t see it, the piece may still be authentic, especially if it meets the other guidelines mentioned here.

The Silver 925/Gold 585 markings

The numbers 925 (for sterling) and 585 (for 14k gold) are internationally standard, required markings for jewelry made from these precious metals. While it may seem desirable to have jewelry made from pure silver or gold, in reality, these two metals are surprisingly soft and benefit considerably from having other metals combined with them to form an alloy. But in order for the metal to be sold and labeled as sterling silver, it must contain at least 92.5% silver, hence the 925 marking. Similarly, 14 karat gold must contain at least 58.5% gold and accordingly, will be marked with the number 585. Genuine Pandora pieces will have one of these two numbers on them. However, after June 2011, Pandora added and “S” to the 925 mark on its silver jewelry. This simply reflects a change in the international standard used to identify silver jewelry and is not a cause for concern if an older charm does not contain this letter. As for two-tone (duotone) charms and jewelry, Pandora stamps will show only the S 925 or 925 mark for silver since all the two-tone charms are predominantly silver with gold accents.

Much like the ALE insignia, in the absence of the 925 or 585 marking, you can be sure the piece is not genuine. Again, be cautious, as counterfeiters will go to great lengths to make their pieces look authentic and will often include these marks on the higher-end imitations, even if the piece is not made from that material.

Check the Pandora official catalog – and if the item has been retired, check previous catalogs and/or listings

Aside from the markings, another way to determine if a Pandora piece is authentic is to consult the Pandora catalog. Pandora’s website is a good first step when looking up a charm or accessory. You will find all of Pandora’s current collections listed in easy-to-browse sections with detailed photos. If the charm you’re interested in is not on the website, or if it is there but you can detect discrepancies in color or sculpting patters, the charm may be a counterfeit.

Because Pandora regularly retires portions of their collections to make room for newer pieces, you might not find all Pandora jewelry and accessories on the website. However, you can still research a piece that has been retired there is usually have some sort of web presence for the piece via jewelry blogs and websites such as Pandora Addict or Charms Addict. The sites may have actual listings of the retired pieces and/or people will write about them. Using Google or other search engines can be an effective method of finding information on your desired piece.

Examine the quality of the piece

Being able to see and handle a piece of jewelry is undoubtedly the best way to assess the quality and craftsmanship of jewelry item. But when buying online, you will need to rely on photographs. Fortunately, a number of photos may be in high resolution, which is exceedingly helpful. In many cases, good quality photographs may be sufficient in providing enough information to make a determination about the jewelry’s authenticity. If you see a charm or accessory on eBay with simply one stock photo or poor resolution photos provided, ask the seller for an actual picture of the item. If the seller refuses, this should be a red flag that both the seller and the item are not legitimate.

Inspect at the detail and craftsmanship

Pandora charms are carefully hand-crafted pieces, made by artisans that work with the precious metals, stones, and Murano glass. Genuine Pandora pieces will have a great degree of detail in their sculpted silver and gold pieces. Look for lines that are well defined as well as a lustrous finish. If the detailing on the piece you’re examining has an “undefined” or dull appearance, it’s likely the piece may be an imitation. Knockoffs are often mass-produced from molds that are taken from an authentic piece. The molds sacrifice some accuracy and precision of the original by nature of the fact that they are reproductions — and then the copies rapidly degrade with each additional piece made from them.

Similarly, if you are looking to purchase a Murano glass bead, examine the glass to see if it is clear, even, and polished to a lustrous finish. Does the detailing appear high-caliber and consistent? If the glass looks hazy or scraped, it is most likely a counterfeit made of either an inferior grade of glass or in some cases, plastic.

Another good indicator that a Murano charm is genuine is the gold or sterling silver endcaps on the beads — if the Pandora engraving on the endcap is of poor quality, or the metal pieces on the endcaps appear as if they are simply glued rather than fused with the glass core of the bead, then it may be a reproduction. Additionally, counterfeit Pandora Muranos are often made with “Swarovski” crystals – Pandora does not now, and has never made crystal beaded Muranos.

Finally, the markings on Pandora products are always engraved. If the ALE, 925, 585 marks, or the Pandora name look stamped or pressed on the surface and it is not a clean, crisp engraving, you may have a counterfeit charm. Because of the molding and casting process that forgers use to mass-produce copies, details such as this are often lost. In some cases, the imitations are manufactured without these marks and the marks are added later in post-production. This is far inferior to engraving and can be easily detected on the rounded surfaces of bracelet clasps and endcaps as the stamps do not press into the curved material evenly. If it looks as if this is the case with the piece you are examining, don’t purchase it!

Note the look and feel of the piece

One of the best ways to evaluate a jewelry piece is to inspect look and feel of it. Of course, that can prove difficult if you are purchasing online, but if you are able to see it in person, once you have it in hand, take note of the weight of the piece. Genuine jewelry pieces made from gold and sterling silver are considerably weighty. If you compare a counterfeit piece next to a genuine one, even an item as small as a Pandora charm, you can easily note the difference in weight and feel. In addition, silver and gold are sturdy metals that can support a very fine level of detail — it is nearly impossible to replicate these qualities in cheaper materials.

If the charm feels too light compared to your genuine Pandora pieces, or if it seems to be the correct weight but the detailing and polish of the piece is inadequate, then the item may be suspect. The metals most often used in counterfeit pieces are iron and steel which is coated with a fake silver and/or gold plating. Interestingly enough, there’s a trick you can use to determine if this is the case. Simply place a strong magnet next to the charm or bracelet. Gold and silver are not magnetic, so there should be absolutely no attraction if the article is authentic. However, if there is any attraction between the magnet and the jewelry piece, you can be sure it contains a metal such as iron or steel, which are highly magnetic, and that the piece is definitely NOT comprised of precious materials.

Examine the charm for threading on the inside

One of the distinctive features of Pandora charms that they are made with a  “threading” system — each end of the bracelet, along with additional points on the interior, have special threaded sections. This design enables accessories like clips to be attached to the Pandora bracelets, making it easy to divide up space for less-filled bracelets. Pandora charms are, accordingly, threaded on the inside in order to slide by these threads and on to the bracelets – clever!  The only exception to this would be the Pandora “openworks” series of charms launched in 2012. These charms are hollow and simply slip onto the bracelet – this is also the case for most thin spacers. Additionally, the hallmarks on these particular charms are extremely small and difficult to spot. So with this series, you will need to rely on other strategies to determine the authenticity of the pieces since it will be difficult doing so using the threading and hallmark indications alone.

Counterfeit pieces as well as other brands trying to imitate Pandora do not have these threads. Making beads with the threads can be costly, something that copycat manufacturers do not want to undertake in trying to keep their costs down. Many imitators will represent that their beads are “Designed to fit Pandora bracelets” to get around this, but it simply means that the interiors of the charms are enlarged to allow them to slide over the threaded sections on genuine Pandora pieces. Unfortunately, in trying to circumvent having the threads, these larger pieces lose the trademark elegance and refinement of genuine Pandora charms. If viewing online, this may be difficult to see as sellers may avoid posting pictures of the insides of the charms which would show the absence of the threads.

Pandora Pricing

Because Pandora jewelry is made from materials such as gold, silver and gemstones, substances that are considered commodities, their pricing is tied to the value of these materials. Additionally, Pandora has stringent guidelines with regard to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of their jewelry. Stores that wish to carry Pandora products must agree to adhere to the pre-determined pricing structure. For this reason, you will find that charms cost the same across the country even though the entities selling the pieces can be owned and operated independently. So if you’re looking for a deal, this is where you’re sure to uncover the most fakes. If you’re looking for a less-expensive genuine Pandora product, pre-owned or “pre-loved” items may be purchased — the cost reduction is due mainly to the fact that the charms are pre-owned and have possibly lost the luster of a brand new charm. But if looking for a new charm and the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! It’s tempting to think that retired charms would also be available at a lesser price, however, since Pandora retires their charms on a regular basis, some charms can become so rare that their price, even for the “preloved” ones, can command as much as 3-4 times the original cost. So if you’re trying to acquire a rare charm and the price is seems low, you may want to do further investigating as this may be a clue the item is counterfeit.

The most reliable way to know you’re getting a genuine Pandora piece is to purchase it from an authorized Pandora dealer. But for the rare and exclusive pieces, this is not always possible so use the strategies listed above to determine whether it’s the genuine article.

How to purchase charm products?

How to Purchase a Charm for a Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets have become one of the most special, distinctive, and significant ways for people to commemorate a special occasion or to simply express oneself. But whether purchasing charms as a gift for someone else or for a personal bracelet, there are some important things to consider.

 Is There an Existing Bracelet to Hold the Charm?

Charms and charm bracelets are exciting to give and receive, but first you want to make sure that there is a bracelet that can accommodate the charm you intend to purchase. If you are giving the charm as a gift and know the recipient already has a bracelet, be sure there is enough space on it for another charm. If there is no room for another charm or the individual does not own a bracelet, you will need to purchase one. The good news is they are inexpensive and easy to find so if you’re not sure if the person has a bracelet or if you are not sure if there is room on the bracelet, it’s always a good idea to purchase one.  The foundation bracelets come in two basic styles. Below is some information to help you decide which kind of charm and/or bracelet to buy.

What are the Different Types of Foundation Bracelets and What Charms Can I Purchase for Them?

The two main types of foundation bracelets are open link chains and solid link chains.  Solid link chains are often referred to as “European” style. The charms for each type of foundation bracelet are specifically made to fit that particular style. Because the charms are not interchangeable between the different styles, be sure, if you are purchasing a charm only, to get one that corresponds to the appropriate foundation bracelet.

Open Link Style Bracelets

The open link chain, much like it’s name, is simply a series of interlinked circular pieces, each link having ample open space to accommodate a charm. The chain is pliable but sturdy and the links move freely around and within one another. Charms placed on this type of chain are secured to a specific link and will dangle freely from the link but not slide along the chain.  This unique quality is associated with what people typically consider a traditional charm bracelet.

Attaching Charms to an Open Link Bracelet

Open link bracelet charms are attached with what is called a jump ring. This type of clasp is a small metal ring, approximately 10 millimeters in diameter, which is placed through the intended opening on a charm. Pliers must be used to twist open the jump ring which is then passed through the chosen link on the bracelet. Once in place, it is twisted shut again. Although jump rings are a very effective way to keep charms attached to a bracelet, they require tools and/or some knowledge of jewelry assembly. Therefore, some people opt for charms that come with jewelry clasps already attached. These clasps can be easily opened and secured onto a link. They are equally reliable, and also have the additional advantage of allowing the charms to be easily changed by the wearer.

 How to Choose an Open Link Bracelet Charm

Charms made for open link bracelets are typically tiny sculpture-like shapes that resemble metal figurines. These types of charms range from two-dimensional plain metal to three-dimensional, very detailed shapes. The figures can be painted or enameled and some are even studded with crystals.  But no matter what the form, charms can reflect something very personal and unique about the wearer, weather it be a specific hobby, passion, memory or special occasion.

Solid Link Bracelet Chains

Solid link, or European, chains are comprised of tightly interwoven flat plates of metal which are much smaller in diameter than the open link chain. This renders a more smooth veneer than the open link chain but it is comparatively less pliable. This chain is equally sturdy, however, and often made from precious metals. Because this type of chain demands a greater degree of craftsmanship, it is associated with higher-quality, fine jewelry. However, solid link chains can also be made from other materials such as braided leather, although it is more rare to see a solid link chain made from these types of materials.

Solid Chain Bracelet Charm Attachments

In contrast to the open link bracelets where charms dangle freely, charms for solid link bracelets are more like beads, having large hole in the center. These bead charms are then stacked onto the chain. In a bracelet with fewer charms, there will be considerable room for the movement, or sliding, of the beads over the chain. But a bracelet full of charms will allow for very little movement across the foundation bracelet. These bead-type charms do not hang off the bracelet but instead fit securely around the base chain.

Selecting Charms for Solid Chain Bracelets

Since the charms for European style bracelets are, for all intensive purposes, beads, the shapes are to some extent more limited with regard to symbolic motifs. However, what they lack in character is more than compensated for by way of the quality of materials used and intricacy of design. These charms often integrate gemstones, glasswork, and intricate metalwork into the design. Some are even constructed with smaller charms hanging from them for a more traditional charm bracelet feel. Different colored gemstones can be used to signify a birthday or anniversary and special ornate beads can remind a person of a specific memory. This style of charm makes an excellent choice for someone who desires an elegant, sophisticated look in a charm bracelet.

Other Sources for Charm Bracelet Charms

One of the greatest features about charm bracelets is their versatility. Not only can you purchase a host of charms specially made for charm bracelets, but alternative items can also be attached to the bracelets and used as charms. For example, since traditional charms are attached with a jump ring, almost any regular necklace pendant can double as an alternative bracelet charm (provided it is not too large or heavy). Simply be sure the jump ring since is the proper size to fit the bracelet. For the European style bracelet, bead charms can be almost any bead whether or not it has been exclusively designed to fit on a charm bracelet. Simply ensure that the holes of the bead with be large enough to fit over bracelet’s foundation chain.

Locating Charms for Charm Bracelets on Charm Princess

Finding bracelet charms on eBay is quick and easy. Simply go to the home page and look for the list of item categories on the left-hand side. Place your cursor over the “all categories” tab until the pop-up menu appears and select Jewelry & Watches from the menu. You can then find charms and charm bracelets under the headings of Fashion Jewelry or the Fine Jewelry. When choosing the Fine Jewelry category, you can select the category for Fine Charms & Charm Bracelets. You can then choose from a list of charm bracelet styles such as Traditional or European.  You can use eBay’s navigation menu to search for charms by their characteristics such as specific themes (such as sports or music), gemstones, or metals. Even if you’re unsure of the exact nature of the charm you’re looking for, by using eBay’s theme categories, you quickly and easily scan all of the pertinent charms available to find one that’s the perfect addition to a charm bracelet. You can also locate coordinating and compatible items for your purchase.

A Final Note

Charms and charm bracelets are as unique as the people who wear them. Having the right knowledge of what type of bracelet and charms to purchase will make this jewelry a wonderful way to remember occasions and/or just celebrate one’s individuality. The many charms can be combined to make a perfect creation that is distinctly reflective of the wearer and will be treasured for many years to come.

Types of Listings

There are 5 types of listings on Charmprincess.com.
  • Classified Ads – The classified listings are great for listing items to sell, buy and trade with other members of this site. Make sure your visit our Classifieds section.
  • Auction Listings – The auction listings allow you to sell individual items via a timed auction on this site. With this listing you can sell multiples of the same item and even accept a best offer.
  • Shop Listings – The shop listings are like a mini-store allowing you to sell items via auction and buy it now. Using this listing type, you can sell multiples of the same products and actually create your own shop with custom link and logo.
  • Daily Deals – The deal listings section is great for over stocked items or ones that will be ending shortly so you don’t want to miss out on those.
  • Swap Listings (coming soon!) – The wanted listings are great for swapping or trading goods from one another. You can make offers on the trade, accept them or counteroffer as well. (Coming Soon!!)

Please Note – in order to setup a shop or list your items for auctions or deals – you must be logged in as a user and setup a Vendor account. 

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Before listing your item, make sure it’s allowed on CharmPrincess and find out if there are specific rules and conditions on how it should be listed. See the list of prohibited and restricted items below and click the product category for information about the policy. Sellers also need to make sure that the sale of their item complies with all laws.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn’t, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

Prohibited and restricted items-

  • Adult Only category
  • alcohol
  • animals and wildlife products – examples include live animals, mounted specimens, and ivory art
  • artifacts, grave-related items, and Native American arts and crafts
  • catalytic converters and test pipes
  • cell phone (wireless) service contracts
  • charity and fundraising
  • clothing, used
  • contracts
  • cosmetics, used
  • counterfeit currency and stamps
  • credit cards
  • currency, selling
  • describing drugs and drug-like substances
  • drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • electronics equipment – examples include cable TV de-scramblers, radar scanners, and traffic signal control devices
  • electronic surveillance equipment – examples include wiretapping devices and telephone bugging devices
  • embargoed goods and prohibited countries – examples include items from Cuba
  • event tickets
  • firearms, weapons, and knives – examples include pepper spray, replicas, and stun guns (see also military items)
  • food and healthcare items
  • government documents, IDs, and licenses
  • government, transit, and shipping-related items – examples include airplane operations manuals, subway employee uniforms, and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) mailbags
  • hazardous materials – examples include batteries, fireworks, and refrigerants
  • human remains and body parts
  • importation of goods into the US – examples include CDs that were intended only for distribution in a certain country
  • international trading
  • items encouraging illegal activity – examples include an eBook describing how to create methamphetamine
  • lockpicking devices
  • lottery tickets
  • mailing lists and personal information
  • manufacturers’ coupons
  • medical devices
  • military items (see also firearms, weapons, and knives)
  • multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs
  • offensive material – examples include ethnically or racially offensive material and Nazi memorabilia
  • pesticides
  • plants and seeds
  • police-related items
  • political memorabilia (reproduction)
  • postage meters
  • prescription drugs
  • prohibited services
  • real estate
  • recalled items
  • slot machines
  • stamps
  • stocks and other securities
  • stolen property and property with removed serial numbers
  • surveillance equipment
  • tobacco
  • travel
  • weeds also see plants and seeds

Reporting policy violations-
If you see a product listing that violates CharmPrincess policies, please report it by clicking the ‘Report this product’ link within each specific listing. When a policy violation occurs, we email the seller and the bidders or the buyer to let them know that the listing has been removed from CharmPrincess immediately.

Accepted Items for Sale

Here is a list of accepted items for sale:

  • Charms (All types from all over the world including antique charms)
  • Charm Bracelets
  • Charm Bracelets with Charms (Pre-set bundle)
  • Ring (related to charms or charm manufacturers)
  • Watch (related to charms or charm manufacturers)
  • Safety Chains
  • Spacers
  • Clips
  • Bangles
  • Loose Beads
  • Charm related Gift Certificates
  • Repair offers
  • Jewelry boxes

If you have something else related to charms and their manufacturers and you are not sure – then Contact Us. 

Anything that does not fit these accepted items will be immediately removed from the site. Repeated listings of unaccepted items will be grounds for a permanent ban.

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