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Free Printable Bible Quizzes For Kids and Quiet Book Patterns For Toddlers - Charmprincess





Printable bible quizzes for kids and quiet book patterns for toddlers are great ways to keep your kids behaved during mass.

I find that it is impossible to keep my toddler still during church. It has gotten to the point that I can’t even go to church unless both of my parents go with me to help out with the kids. Otherwise, it’s pointless for me to go because I don’t get anything out of it any way. If I try to attend mass by myself, there’s usually a slew of people around me trying to help, which is pretty embarrassing.

So, for quiet time in mass with a bit of assistance from you, printable bible quizzes are great. They give you a topic to quietly talk about with your kids while keeping them behaved. You can keep quizzes that correspond with the week’s bible readings in church, that way you can both be interactive with the week’s mass teachings. There are tons of printable bible quizzes available all over the web.

But, if you’re one for meditation during mass, and would like your toddler to be a bit more independent for you to be able to concentrate, quiet book patterns are great. And you can make a bunch of your own, customized according to what you know your child will be interested in. But what is a quiet book, exactly? A quiet book is a set of pages made of fabric that are meant to keep a baby or a toddler busy during quiet adult moments.

To make a pattern book, simply take your toddler to a fabric store and have him or her help you to pick out some patterns that grasp their attention. The fabrics should be of thicker densities. Then, go into various aisles to pick things to sew to the pages. You can pick cloth flowers, butterflies, stars, even different buttons that you can sew to form different shapes. Then, when your child is busy at home playing, or watching a cartoon, sew the fabric into pages, and on each page attach a couple of the things you picked out to grasp your child’s attention. There may even be patches available or charms available of their favorite cartoon characters. Or, to be more appropriate for mass, you can find cloth images of Jesus, Mary, Apostoles, or saints.

You may have to be patient and slowly wait for progress in keeping your toddler sitting still during mass. But the key is to get them to be used to doing a quiet activity, and sitting still, rather than expecting to be able to get up and run around when they want. The sitting still may start in shorter increments, but if you keep at it, the time spans will grow longer and longer.

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