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Gold Adds Charm to Your Life - Charmprincess





Gold tends to be the ultimate attraction for various people, and women in particular. They have an intrinsic attraction for it. Over the past many centuries, gold has been employed in terms of celebration. It has an extensive history, based on its popularity. There was a time when Egyptian Pharaohs and various mythical figures were associated with gold. They were highly allured towards it because it reflected its richness. In ancient times, gold was not perceived as an ornament that could be afforded by the common people, and its richness could be seen as only queens and rich ladies used to wear it in plentiful quantity.

As time proceeded, gold became a standard recognition of status in society. People started wearing it in various forms. For instance, gold bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings were highly popular. At that time, stones were not studded in gold sets. Gold was worn commonly, and it was mandatory for every woman to at least wear some bangles in her wrists.

Thus, all the aforementioned instances in the past were more of a demonstration of how gold adds  charm  and beauty to your life. Nowadays, brides tend to avoid from heavy gold sets. Yet, gold is an intrinsic part of any traditional ornament.

Women are highly attracted to it. Gold becomes a  charm  when its gifts are exchanged between close bonds and relationships. For instance, you shall see that when a baby is born, the elders usually endow it with a gold gift like small studs or necklaces. It is like an illustration of their joy and love for the new born.

Similarly, you shall see that gold tends to play an important role in bonding two people together for a lifetime. For example, people wear engagement rings that are usually of gold. For them, it is an authentic and official announcement of their life together. Therefore, gold happens to bring about the emergence of a new couple, a new life together.

When you are wedded into a family, usually the exchange of gifts with the in-laws consists of gold ornaments. Now the jewellery can be of any sort. It can be a bracelet that looks highly elegant. This phenomenon is quite popular in Asian countries. People actually consider gold as a significant aspect of the dowry. Moreover, in conservative families, gold helps retain the respect of the bride for long. Otherwise, she has to confront a bitter side of life rather sooner than expected.

Moreover, when it comes to celebration of an anniversary, the husband has always been noticed to be in urge of buying a gold ring, gold pendent or even a gold bracelet as a surprise, memorable and long lasting gift. This would ultimately bring the gleam that is so rare and so pure, in her eyes.

Conclusively, gold plays a highly important role in bringing  charm  to your life, and therefore, many  charms  are also produced as small token of love that demonstrate beauty and long lasting love.

Source by Jack Wogan



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