When you are shopping and conducting endless searches online for special, unique Mother jewelry to give to the world's best mom, we have a tip for you that will save you time, money, and anxiety over whether or not you chose the right gift and does she like it. Choose handmade jewelry and baby jewelry for Moms by artists such as Original Designs by Holly, a fabulously popular designer whose creations are often featured in US Weekly and People StyleWatch. Moms love jewelry that has been crafted especially for her and when you add personalization so that her precious baby's name becomes the central focus of the design, she can not be happier.

Original Designs by Holly

Holly custom makes each piece for value assurance and because she loves to interact with the medium and the recipient for a creative synthesis that imbues all her love and passion for making mother jewelry. Her skill is a direct reflection on how you value Mom. The baby jewelry itself is a testament to the uniqueness and special qualities that each mother has. Original Designs by Holly crafts necklaces and bracelets exclusively in gold and silver for the best quality materials and results.

Handmade Mother Jewelry

It is not surprising that a little extra thought and planning, four to six weeks of lead time, can transform the entire baby jewelry gifting event. Rather than machine cut and stamped charms, which is such an impersonal process, Original Designs by Holly does everything by hand. For an aged patina, she uses an oxidization process that blackens the silver and then gives it a special polish which will darken over time. This particular jewelry does not need a polish cloth, but for her other sterling silver, fine silver, and 14 Karat gold jewelry, especially the necklaces and bracelets that she textures by hammering for a shimmering effect, benefits from being polished every time that it is worn.

Styles of Jewelry

Mother jewelry and baby jewelry are really one and the same with baby jewelry having options for toddler sized bracelets. Mother jewelry centers on Mom's precious babies by personalizing the charms with the name of the baby usually hand engraved on the face with the date of birth on the reverse. Original Designs by Holly creates personalized name necklaces and bracelets out of all 14 k gold, all sterling silver, and for the latest in fashion, she also creates charms that are silver on one side and gold on the other. The basic necklace is one charm, but you can have as many as you like.

Birth Stone Accents

Original Designs by Holly gives an extra design value by adding fresh water pears and miniature Swarovski crystal birth month stones. They become integral to the design in the All Gold Name Charm Necklace. The tiny crystal attaches the charm to the chain and you can add as many charms and crystals as you like.

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