Breaking up causes the worst emotional pain you will experience. Millions of people go through this everyday.

Some go through a deep depression causing them physical and mental sickness while others cope to move on with their life.

Enduring this kind of pain makes it difficult for most people to go on with life as it never happened.

Lots of people get involved with someone to forget the pain, but a rebound relationship is not the answer.

When you get intimate with someone new, and they treat you with kindness and love, it feels like love. You’re trying to forget the one who pulled out on you so the new affair feels like love.

When there’s feelings of touch, kissing and hugs along with all the attention, it gives you hope that the old relationship will come to pass. It takes time and the right moves to find the next true love.

So can a rebound relationship feel like love? Yes it can but it’s just infatuation hoping it will turn to love-making you forget all the pain you’re feeling.

A rebound relationship is a mistake for different reasons. You don’t know the person you ‘re hooked up with.

It takes time to know someone, their likes, dislikes, do they have a temper, or are they an ex-con?

Some women get trapped in a rebound relationship with no way out. She’s hooked up with an insane jealous maniac that controls her and puts the fear into her.

Sometimes, when you get involved with someone you don’t know, it comes back to haunt you, sometimes, for the rest of your life.

It takes time getting to know someone. At first they put on their charm but as time goes on, their true self comes out.

Some women revert to online dating sites looking for love. That’s a big mistake because the members at these sites are scrupulous with fake profiles.

They’re looking for two things. A one night of fun, or they’re looking for money. The site does not screen their members and there are many that are ex-cons, drug users, rapists and spousal abuse.

Some members from these sites can be dangerous causing you injury or worse. But some women have met who they thought was their true love, got married and had kids living a life of misery.

Once he catches them, they can’t get out. Usually this is caused from a recent breakup. She tries to get over the pain with the first guy who turns on his charm falling for him.

He knows how to steal her heart and she thinks she’s in love. A rebound relationship can feel like love when he traps you showing you a good time, buying you expensive gifts, taking you to fancy restaurants until his charm wears off.

A rebound relationship will cause you lots of grief and because it may feel like love, it really isn’t.

Source by Katty Dicus



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