It is a known fact that this sort of reverse psychology works like magic. The more you show a guy you are interested in him the more he runs away from you. But the more you pretend that you don’t care for him, the more attracted he gets to you! These tips will help you to play hard to get and hook your guy in no time at all!

Don’t give him the time of day

This means that you have to ignore the guy. Don’t let him see how interested you really are. Though you will find it tough to ignore him – do it! He is going to wonder why he does not seem to interest you and will love the challenge. He will do his best to try and attract you instead.

Give his friend more attention

This will make him frustrated and a little jealous. He will hate the idea that you find his friend more interesting! Dont ignore him too much or else he may just lose interest in you. Instead just give him enough attention that will make him notice you, but give his friend a little more!

Get busy

Get social and make sure he sees you having a whale of a time with others. This will make him want to have a bit of your time too. He will try to get in touch with you and will call you. Dont answer all his calls and make as if you are busy. This will make him chase you.

Look stunning and act elusive

The easier it is for him to catch you the faster he will lose interest in you. Look drop dead gorgeous and make sure he has to chase you to get a date with you. Pretend that your social diary is full and you have to squeeze him in! This unavailability will pose a great challenge to him.

Be mysterious

Don’t reveal too much and let him read you like an open book. He more he knows about you – the less the mystery. Let him become intrigued by you. Keep his interest by allowing him to know just enough about you so that he keeps coming back for more!

Become unpredictable

The more unpredictable and spontaneous you are – the more interested and attracted to you he will become. A man likes to be surprised and hates women who are boring. Be bold and daring and he will be after you in a flash!

Don’t give in to his charms

Play hard to get by refusing to give in to his charms easily. Let him know by your behavior that you are not a person to be easily swayed by his gifts and compliments. It will take more to get you interested. The more unavailable you are the more interesting the chase!

Source by Russell Jackson



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