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How to Act Around Your Ex Boyfriend! It's Important to Know This Before You End Up Making Mistakes - Charmprincess





There are times when you wish you did not feel so insecure and “at odds” every time your boyfriend appears! You would like to make your boyfriend regret breaking up with you but don’t know how to go about it. Well, here are some techniques you can employ to impress your ex boyfriend by your behavior.

Look happy and at peace
Now we know that this is going to be difficult especially if you feel like you are dying inside! But it is imperative that you project a different picture to your ex boyfriend. He obviously wants to see you fall apart and devastated after the breakup. This is the time to shock him and surprise him by appearing happy, at ease and carefree!

Don’t stay in – get out there!
Don’t hide from the world and stay at home. It will only depress you further. The way to beat this is to go out there and socialize. Make plenty of new friends and do your best to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Act normal and laugh a lot. It will begin to irritate your ex boyfriend no end.

Don’t act mean and angry
If you start to snub him and act mean then he will know that you are hurting inside and the whole purpose of showing him that you are fine and happy will be lost. In fact be as sweet as sugar and smile at him. Be friends and prove that you are okay with the situation. He will soon realize that he has made a mistake.

Look sensational
If your boyfriend fell in love with you because of your charms and looks – stun him by looking sensationally sexy and beautiful. Go out of your way to look different and even more gorgeous than you ever looked while you were dating him. This will make him see what he foolishly gave up!

Act carefree and confident
There is nothing more attractive than a girl who is confident about her looks and personality and who does not care two hoots about what you think! This self assurance will make your boyfriend wonder as to why you are looking so good and what is making you so confident.

Give him the cold shoulder
Don’t let your boyfriend see that you are missing him. In fact don’t give him the time of day. Pretend that you are busy and have plenty of things on your agenda. Make sure he gets the “I’m busy” signal”. He will begin to resent it.

Act independent
The best way to get the message across is to act independent. Show your boyfriend that you don’t need him anymore. In fact let him see you surrounded by new friends and prove that you don’t lack male admirers. This will make him jealous of your new found independence and he will want you back.

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