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How To Add Personal Touches To Your Wedding - Charmprincess





As fun and romantic as most weddings can be, many of them are similar in style and schedule. Guests arrive at the location, the couple says their vow, everyone makes their way to the party site while the bridal party poses for photos, dinner is served and everyone dances away the night. While this works out well for some couples, others want to find new ways of making their event more personal. Even if you stick to the normal schedule, you can add touches to your wedding that are all your own. For instance, instead of choosing the traditional flower options for your wedding, consider carrying and decorating with silk plants or artificial plants. This works well if your wedding theme is inspired by nature or your wedding colors are green, brown or other colors found in the forest.

Another way to liven up your bouquet is by adding charms or baubles. These can be tiny messages to yourself just to remind you of your love for your new spouse or they may include the spirit of someone who was unable to attend the wedding. Many brides incorporate photos of deceased relatives into their wedding by pinning the charm to their bouquet. Other couples add photos of their beloved family pets that may not be able to make it to the wedding physically, but are nonetheless an important part of their lives.

Your ceremony is an excellent time to let your personalities shine through. Incorporate readings into the ceremony that reflect who you are as a couple. Consider going beyond Bible verses and sharing a letter the two of you exchanged or a favorite poem you both love. You may also want to pen something together in honor of the wedding you can read to your guests or have read by an officiant or a wedding guest.

If you are not the outspoken type, put together a personalized program for your guests to read during the service. This is also a lovely way to send them home with something from the wedding that reminds them of their special place in your heart. Include photos, stories and notes of thanks in your program, in addition to the usual information about who is who and how the ceremony will run. Programs are especially important if you are not abiding the traditional schedule rules and doing things a little different. The program can guide your guest so they know what to expect and where to be at a certain time.

Finally, there are plenty of creative ways to personalize your reception. Instead of or in addition to a wedding cake, put together a buffet of sweets and desserts guests can enjoy at the wedding or take home for later. A candy buffet is a great way to send people off with a great favor they will enjoy later on. You can even create a buffet in your wedding colors or based on your wedding theme. Some brides even provide milk and cookies at night’s end so guests do not go home from the happy event hungry.

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