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How to Attract the Aries Woman - 5 Techniques to Charm Her Heart - Charmprincess





The Aries has a natural pioneering spirit and they love to take the lead — that’s why when you get involved with an Aries woman, it’s either you make her hold the reins or you grow some guts and dominate her if you can. The female Aries are very passionate, intense and adventurous — they’re not afraid of anything. However, when someone close to them feels otherwise, this can slow her down leaving her crushed and frustrated. So as her lover, you are expected to have same strong fiery personal as she does or else you wouldn’t stay — below are a few tips on how to attract the Aries woman and to charm her heart at last:

  • Have a sense of leadership. As her man, she expects you to have control and has the initiative to lead the way. Leadership reigns supreme in a typical ram’s bio data and as her male lover, she expects you to be the just the same — however, it’s very important that you take turns in leading to avoid any fights or damage in the future.
  • Be an intense lover. Passion is something that thrives well in her veins — a romance with an Aries is never boring and is definitely difficult to forget. For her, love is not love if it’s not mad love and she holds no boundaries — she lets her emotions envelop her and she never knows the meaning pretension when it comes to her passion.
  • Know how to calm her temper. She may be a very passionate lover but it also follows that she has one fiery temper. The Aries woman may become instantly impatient and would explode in fits of anger — when she does, she expects you to go rushing to her side and start calming her. If you don’t do anything at all, it will further light up her temper torch until it burns much and deep.
  • Be open and up for anything. Aries are very adventurous and flexible that they would willingly try anything that comes their way — they worship change and would love to try new things everyday — as long as they’re in charge of course. She has the tendency to force you to like something, but if you know how to handle the situation and create your own impression, it might just impress her all the more.
  • Communication is very important. Aries wants to talk things over — right away. At first, they may appear to abhor and dread confrontations but they will realize it by their own and would initiate it when the time is right. So be honest and open to your Aries — she will definitely listen.

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