There are many sad and disillusioned women today who have found themselves cast away like an old shoe! If you want to avoid being taken advantage of and just a fling to the man you love, make sure you do the right things to make him take you seriously. Here are some awesome ways to make him serious about you.

Don’t get too chummy with him
If you get too friendly, chummy and familiar with him too early in the relationship, you are bound to force yourself and your charms on him. He will definitely think you are always going to be there for the taking and therefore he will stop having real feelings for you. He will regard you as someone with whom he can just have a good time without being committed.

Don’t let him put his stamp of authority on you
Don’t let him bully you in any way. If you allow him to rule your life in every way, he is bound to take you for granted and there will be nothing to stop him from discarding you when he has had enough of you! Let him know that you need to be respected and have a mind of your own right from the beginning.

Don’t settle for second best
In fear of being alone or being passed over, a woman can settle for second best. This can lead to the guy treating her badly or even leaving her when he has had enough! If you don’t want to be a fling or a passing affair to him, make sure he comes to know the type of person you are and make him fall deeply in love with you.

Don’t let him have his way too often
If you let him have his way too often with you, he is bound to get spoilt and pampered. This will make him selfish and he will begin to treat you badly. If you put your foot down and make him realize that you are not going to stand being treated like a fling, he will be forced to acknowledge your feelings.

Make him fall in love with your character
The more he falls in love with you, the more he will become serious about you. It is only when he is not really in love with you and your character that he can behave in a manner that proves that he is only playing with you. Once he loves you deeply, he will never treat you like a fling.

Prove yourself to him in every way
A man needs to see for himself if you are worth his love and commitment. Unless he is truly convinced and sure of your character, qualities and traits, only then he will be able to think of you as someone he can get serious with. As long as he does not have proof of your admirable traits, he will find it difficult to get serious about you.

Make sure you earn his respect
Do things that will prove that you are honest and trustworthy. These qualities will help you earn his respect. Once he respects you he will never be able to treat you like a fling or a “passing fancy”. He will never be satisfied with having a casual relationship with you. He will want something more.

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