Most grooms-to-have have the incredibly difficult job of trying to find that perfect gift for their bride that is traditionally given on the wedding day. Of course there is the wedding ring, but this is a gift above that one. One very personal option is to choose a collection of gold charms and a beautiful bracelet that can start signaling your future. Charm bracelets and charms in this theme are romantic and sure to be treasured through your life together.

One option for these types of themes is to go for groups of charms for bracelets that are about all the wonderful things you have already done together. This can include charms of the place you first met, your first date and even an engraved charm with the date of your first evening out together.

This type of theme gives you lots of options for then adding on more charms. The bracelet can actually tell your life story up to the wedding, including charms that represent your families, your first trip together and the first big purchase you made as a couple.

One very special date you want to be sure to remember in charms is the date of the proposal. A charm of a man on bended knee or even an engraved heart shaped locket may be just the charm to remember this very special day.

There are several different options when it comes to choosing charms that resemble either the engagement ring or the wedding ring or even a combination of both. These charms for bracelets often have diamond chips or small gemstone chips in them, giving them a very lifelike appearance.

The wedding itself can also be remembered in charms, perfect for the bracelet if given on the wedding day or evening. These charms could depict the church, wedding bells, champagne glasses or a beautifully decorated wedding cake.

Gold charms of a dancing couple are one way to remember the reception, however you can also include two hearts joined together on gold charms as a way to signify two lives becoming one. Lock and key charms, particularly heart shaped locks, are very romantic and traditional as well.

One of the best options with a gift of charm bracelets and gold charms is that there is always the opportunity to add on more charms as other romantic events occur in your life. This provides the opportunity for a life story of wonderful memories, all in the gold charms on her wrist.

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