Who else wants to learn how to charm, impress and seduce any girl… even if you have had nothing but BAD luck in the past? Do you often wonder why so many “average” looking men do so well with beautiful women… and why so many others seem to settle for scraps? The truth is, there is so much myth and misinformation out there in terms of what women REALLY want from a man, that it’s no great surprise that so many men are SO confused when they don’t get the responses they want.

Sound familiar? Let’s take a quick look at some super common myths and misinformation about the sorts of stuff women REALLY find appealing, alluring and stimulating in a man… and if you truly want to super charge YOUR social life… the sort of stuff YOU should be doing as well.

First understand this:

While looks and money are NICE, and are a great big bonus if they’re there… the truth is, most women put both material possessions and appearance far down on the totem pole of importance when it comes to what we look for in a man.

Of course there are “outliers” and women who DO want both more than what I describe below… but the good news is, they are much more the exception, rather than the rule. (and many women who will “outwardly” talk about loving guys who are rich and handsome… in real life, are looking to be charmed and seduced by FAR simpler qualities for sure)

As a matter of fact…

If you really want to charm a woman the RIGHT way, there are only a few super simple qualities you have to master.

1 – Be a great conversationalist: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to a girlfriend whose been out with a guy who has both looks and money and some sort of prestige… and she’s confided in me how incredibly boring, or boastful or boorish he was to talk to.

If you haven’t noticed – most women LOVE to talk. And there is no bigger turn ON than a man who is interested, entertaining, engaged and inspiring to talk to. (and nothing more of a turn OFF than a man who does nothing but talk about himself)

2 – CONFIDENCE is the greatest aphrodisiac in the world. If you are confident… I don’t care what you look like, women are going to be drawn to you like a magnet. The truth is, there is nothing sexier than a man who has his stuff together, and whose personality projects a kind of peace and power that comes with confidence.

3 – Never underestimate the power of FLATTERY. If you want the big secret to seducing a woman, it’s flatter her. Compliment her. Tell her things about her that you admire. And if you want the BIG secret about charming a woman… it’s flatter her about things that most men ignore. Notice small things that you like… and point them out. Believe it or not, women are suckers for men who notice little details, and if you do this ONE thing, I promise… you will stand out over 99% of the men you are competing with as well.

(I’ll never forget the time a teenager in our neighborhood complimented my mom on a new haircut (and color) she had gotten… something not even my dad had noticed! 10 years later, whenever she mentioned that neighborhood boy (now married by the way to a state beauty queen!) she always mentions how he noticed and complimented her so many years ago… trust me when I tell you, if it could charm my 50 year old mom for a decade, it will work wonders on the girls YOU have got your eye on as well)

Lastly, be yourself… and remember that seduction is not a numbers game. It’s about being real, and genuinely being authentic, and making people feel better about themselves. If you take only one sexy strategy away from this article it’s this:

If you make a woman FEEL like the most important, the most special and yes… the most beautiful woman in the world, she will look at you with new eyes… even if she’s never looked at you that way before.

Source by Amy A.



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