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How to Charm a Guy and Make Him Fall in Love With You - Learn the Proper Ways of Doing This - Charmprincess





To  charm  a man who you would want to see again and again is a technique that’s so subtle and different than getting a man. But if you succeed in it, you not only get any man you desire but he may be for keeps too. So read on to know what goes into  charming  a guy.


Put on your best smile and  charm  any man you want. Men love women that are happy and smiling, it sends out positive vibes. Even seeing someone with a smile can help spread the cheer around, so be that person with a perfect smile.

Make connection with the eyes

Whether it is a guy you have known for sometime or a perfect stranger you like in a bus. Make eye contact and hold on for a second longer, your eyes make a powerful statement without saying a word. It is an art but most women avoid looking straight into the eyes and miss out on the subtle seduction that can get them any man.

By being feminine

To  charm  a man be a woman that he desires. When you take care of your appearance, wear clothes that flatter your body and show your soft caring nature, in short behave like a woman no man can remain unaffected by your  charm .

Your confidence

Remember confidence is a desirable trait in a woman that men find very sexy. Be comfortable with your own self and let the men know that you are a self assured woman who knows what she wants in life.

Show your interest

Show the guy that you are interested in him, talk to him about his likes and hobbies and flatter him by showing keen interest in what he is saying. It also goes to show that you are not selfish to want all the attention on yourself. Give them importance and  charm  your way into their life.

Update yourself on various topics

You should be aware of what is going around in the world and be knowledgeable about current affairs to be able to talk intelligently with a guy. He will want to know the real you beyond the pretty face, and if you can impress him with your intelligence then be sure that you have succeeded in  charming  him.

Take care to look good

You cannot hope to  charm  a guy if you have a sloppy appearance. Take time to dress well in something that makes your beauty come out, you need not try to be like a model but should turn out looking your best.

Source by Krista Hiles



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