Getting the kids together to decide on a theme or a way to design a collection of gold charms for Mom on her special day can be a bit challenging. In addition you will have to narrow down your choice from the many charm bracelets to select the one that the whole family likes. It may be difficult to choose one from the many bracelets available, but typically choosing charms themselves will be much easier.

There are several different themes to get kids thinking about what they want to add to the bracelet for Mom. One option is to decide to go with unique and very individual charms, which provides the maximum option for a very personalized type of bracelet.

For this theme each child gets to select from all the charms available the one or two that they feel most represent themselves. For many children this will be one of their accomplishments or their favorite animal, sport or activity.

Another option is to have each child choose a special themed charm that represents a style of it. This can include the child's birthstone or zodiac sign, or even ones that each have the child's birthday engraved on the surface.

Initials of each member of the family can make a beautiful collection on any style of charm bracelet. The initials can be first, middle and last initials, all grouped together on a single ring. They can also be disc shaped ones with the initials engraved on the surface.

Charms that represent the growth of the family can be a fun way for kids to agree on a collection of for Mom's bracelet. There could represent babies such as rattles or pacifiers and charms to represent toddlers such as tricycles and dolls. Each year kids could add another one to signify their changing interest and growth.

There are a few charms that simply should be on your Mother's Day bracelet in some form or another. A charm that signifies "Best Mom" ​​or "# 1 Mom" ​​is a classic addition, as are ones that simply include the words "I love you Mom".

Last but certainly not least, charms of one particular item that signifies Mom to the family are a wonderful option. Heart shaped that are lockets or photo charms are perfect and sure to be a big hit on Mother's Day.

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