If you have a crush on a certain guy, isn’t it your fondest wish that his feelings are also the same? It is a piece of cake to get any guy to have a crush on you, if you know exactly what to do. Here are the best tips that would send any guy running into your arms:

Be worthy of his attention.
The best way to get a guy to have a crush on you is if you look beautiful enough. You’ve only got one shot to make a first impression on him so it had better work the first time. Make sure to wear something that would flatter your figure and see how his eyes pop out the moment you step into the room.

Try to appreciate his jokes.
Guys like girls who are able to appreciate their sense of humor. Some guys tend to be nervous at times when in the presence of a beautiful girl. Make sure that you laugh a lot in order to keep the mood light and easy.

Always keep a great smile on your face.
Any guy would have a crush on you if you are able to wear a smile to capture his heart. A smile would make anyone look approachable, not to mention, more attractive.

Converse with sense.
It is so easy to have a crush on a woman who knows how to converse – not about gossip but about issues and ideas. Make sure to speak up whenever you are with your crush. Do not be embarrassed to appear smart because smart women are the most attractive ones to men.

Do your research and work on establishing a common interest.
Simply put, try to find out what he likes and see if you like the same things. Let him notice that you’re an equally great wake boarder. Once he sees you differently – and with awe – then it would be impossible for him to resist your charm.

Be extra friendly.
There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t have a crush on someone who is absolutely nice and friendly. Be a sweet and mild-tempered woman and he would surely notice.

Spend plenty of time with him.
There is a good chance of him developing a crush on you if you two are always together. Spend as much time with him as possible, even if it means signing up for an organization that you barely know of.

Source by Krista Hiles



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