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How to Get a Pisces Man to Fall in Love With You? 6 Ways to Charm His Heart and Be His Lover - Charmprincess





The typical Pisces man is most probably the most charming and adorable guy in the zodiac. Pisces are known to have a very inquisitive mind and an artistic side in them that’s hardly hard not to notice, that’s why they can be babe magnets without even trying. So I wouldn’t blame you if you find yourself totally attracted to one. We love guys who appear tough but can show their sensitive side as well. So to make it easier for you, here are the top six ways to charm his heart and actually be his lover. Find the ways on how to get a Pisces man to fall in love with you now!

  • Show your artistic side too. Any love for painting? Well, may it be music, dance, books, painting — it’s great if you have something in common. A Pisces man is very appreciative, just don’t be too boastful or he can be sarcastic too. Keep things to a minimum and he’ll surely give in sooner or later. Just be proud of your talent too.
  • Have a stimulating conversation. Have a battle of wits — a typical Pisces guy likes that. He wants his girl to have substance and brains to spar with his own. Since they’re very interactive, he would usually ask for your opinion on certain subjects as well.
  • Be inquisitive. Be curious of him — it’s one way of making him feel good about himself. Pisces men love to answer mind games and riddles and they can’t help but feel great about themselves.
  • Peak his interest. Make him curious about you too! Have a touch of mystery in your aura and he’ll absolutely not get enough of you. Don’t be an over eager date as well — that could definitely turn him off. Just be cool and be yourself.
  • Try new things with him. It’s always great to try something new with someone you met — and the best partner would be a Pisces man in this certain area. They love it when a girl is adventurous as they are — it builds strong exciting sexual tension.
  • Compliment him. If he impressed you, go ahead and let him know about that. Pisces men will be more than happy to know you like him. Expressing yourself is a plus point too so don’t hold back and just let him know what you think about him.

Make sure you get him alive, alright? Pisces can make very good friends and lovers and it sure is going to be one experience you’ll never forget, believe me. Don’t forget to be yourself and just ride the tide girl — this guy is so much fun to be with. Have a blast!

Source by Julia DiSilva



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