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How to Get Anything You Want From a Guy? Here Are the Keys to Really Making Him Melt for You - Charmprincess





A woman feels really happy when she finds that her guy is ready to do anything for her. If you want to know how to get whatever you want or desire from your guy, all you got to do is try out these tactics.

Apologize and melt his heart

Most times all you have to do is be magnanimous and apologize for being nasty with him, or having a mood etc. This apology will melt his heart in an instant and he will want to give you whatever you want. He will love it when you are ready to admit your faults and you will find him eager to forgive and forget.

Suck up to his male ego

You have to learn to live with his ego. The more you boost his ego and compliment him – he will be in a great mood. He begins to feel like the sexiest and most attractive male alive and starts being generous with you. You will find that as long as you make him feel wonderful in every way he will be more accommodating!

Dole out steadfast love

Don’t be stingy and miserly with your love! The more you dole out your love the more he will reciprocate and give you all you want. Be generous when it comes to your guy – you are after all being nice towards the man you love. Let nothing come in the way to being totally selfless and giving.

Ask in a sweet sexy manner

There are ways of asking your guy for the things you want. Use your sex appeal and charm. Don’t look sulky and grumpy because you feel that he will not give you what you want. Instead, be cute and charm him by looking gorgeous and appealing. Then ask him with a lot of hugs and kisses. He won’t be able to refuse you.

Don’t demand!

One of the biggest mistakes women make is to demand! If you use a nagging tone and ask him in an aggressive and pushy manner, he will become even more stubborn and will begin to hate your attitude. Ask in a nice, gentle and persuasive manner that will make him want to give you all you ask.

Give him no cause to doubt your love

If your guy knows that you love him without a doubt, he will not wonder if you are just with him to get all that you can from him. He will want to spoil you and give you things that will make you happy. So instead of concentrating on how to ask him for things – concentrate on making him feel loved and cherished.

Make him want to spoil you rotten

If your guy finds that there is nothing wanting in the relationship and he is totally satisfied and thrilled with you, then how can he refuse you in any way? He will want to spoil you rotten and keep you as happy and satisfied with him as he is with you.

Source by Krista Hiles



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