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How to Get My Guy Friend to Fall in Love With Me - Learn How You Can Finally Make Him Yours - Charmprincess





No matter how many girls he is surrounded with, you can become the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with! This is not a dream but something that can come true in your life if you follow these simple tips that will make him fall madly in love with you.

Make him notice your charms

So what if you are just one of his friends right now? All you have to do is make him attracted to your looks, personality and charms. Work on that body till you make him ogle you like you were the only girl around! Have a unique style that makes you look desirable.

Show him that you are different from everyone else

What is the use if you look as pretty and cute like all the Barbie dolls that are always around him? You have to look different and seem like one of a kind to make him remember you. This does not mean that you do something weird or offbeat, but that you stand out as more interesting and self confident than the others.

Tease and flirt with him

Even as you could be one of the other women who is constantly trying to vie for his attention, go about it in a way that sets you above the rest! Be subtle and clever in the way you tease and flirt with him. Don’t get caught too easily and shower him with loads of smiles and sexy signals!

Make your other guy friends chase you

If you can show him that there are plenty of other guys who want to chase you and are interested in dating you, it could make him think of you more and wonder if he could get you for himself! Becoming popular with the others will make him more attracted to you.

Become a friend he can count on

It would do well if you laid your feelings aside for a while and just concentrated on becoming a good friend. If he begins to see you as a person who he can count on, a friend who is always around when he needs her and someone who is warm, generous and honest, he will start to fall in love with you.

Show him that you can be trusted

Nothing can work better than building trust. If he knows that you can be trusted and believed he will be more than willing to let you into his life. This will make it easier for him to trust you with his feelings too. If there is trust it will form the foundation to a future relationship with him.

Look better than the other girls he knows

You will have to do your best to attract him and this can be achieved by looking better than the other girls he knows. Dress in a style that makes you look sexy, desirable and classy as well. The more he notices you getting admiring glances from the opposite sex the more he will want to have you for himself.

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