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How To Instantly Attract Beautiful Women With Hardly Any Effort - Charmprincess





Most guys will never fully understand the process of attracting women. Typically, a man believes he must be the most charming, handsome, and wealthy man in order to attract a beautiful woman. This, however, is a large misunderstanding.

Women do not truly desire these things, but rather desire what these aspects represent in a man on a more underlying level. Allow me to explain: women don’t care about “charm” but rather the self-control that creates charm in a man. Women don’t care about appearance but rather how a man carries himself, both in cleanliness and self-confidence. Women also don’t care about how wealthy a man is but rather the security and comfort that a man can provide. You can provide security without being the most wealthy man around, and that’s all a woman really desires.

So how can any man attract beautiful women without putting forth much effort? Here are two elements you must focus on if you want to accomplish true attraction with any woman of your dreams:

First: Improve your confidence in yourself. The one thing that will turn a woman off faster than a cheesy pickup line is low self belief in a man. If you are not confident in your appearance, your level of attractiveness, or your ability to interest a woman she will pick up on it. This inadequacy will tell her that you do not believe in yourself so she shouldn’t either.

Second: Don’t worry about your outcome with a beautiful woman. Too many men freeze up and ruin their chances before they ever start because they are worried about rejection. On the flip side, many men sabotage their efforts by acting too interested in her because they want her so bad. If you have these thoughts in your mind you will express them clearly to her in your body language. Either you will act as if you are not sure of yourself or you will come across as needy.

The key to overcoming this is being indifferent to the outcome. Just have fun in your learning of how to attract women and you’ll come off as an easy-going and confident guy.

Also, rather than worrying so much about what to say to a woman, focus more on how you carry yourself. Body language communicates much more about your true qualities than the words you choose. Asking simple questions about her and being more of a listener with good body language will help you score much more often and without having to work so hard.

Focusing on these two key attraction points will greatly enhance your chances of attracting hot women without putting forth much effort.

Source by Aden Moore



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