Sometimes all your feminine charms are not enough to persuade your man to do something he does not really want to. However, it is a known fact that men do fall for a woman’s seductive ways and find them selves committing to them in a flash! There is lot to say for the “gentle art of persuasion”. These techniques will help you get your way!

Get along with him

There is no point of even thinking you can persuade your man to do what you want if you do not get along with him. Keep the relationship warm and happy. Be his best friend and confidant. Get him to trust you completely. This will help you to persuade him.

Have the right approach

Don’t blurt out your wishes or even command him to do what you want him to do. Cultivate good skills of negotiation and wait for the right time so that it will be easy for you to ask him and easy for him to agree. Be clever and subtle – waiting for the right moment to persuade him and you won’t be sorry!

Check the type of relationship you have with him

How strong is the bond between the two of you? Are you the bossy type and someone who has been selfish? If you are constantly doing things that involve the “what do I get out of it?” attitude, then you don’t have a hope of persuading him to do something he does not want. A negative attitude will make him even more stubborn,

The direct and honest approach

This is the best way to do it actually. Sharing your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly will let him see your side of it. Saying something like “Honey I really need you to do this as it would help me and us” makes it more difficult for him to refuse you.

Lay all your cards on the table

Another way to persuade him is to lay all the cards on the table and do your best to explain all the advantages and benefits. This will help him to see things clearly and relax. Try to be nice and sweet without being critical and sarcastic. It will ease things along and make him more pliable in your hands.

Don’t lose his respect

The moment he loses respect for you – he will never accede to your demands. No matter what it is you are trying to persuade him to do – he won’t do it. Retain his trust and respect and you have a better chance of getting him to agree. Men are afraid of commitment and need to be persuaded gently towards getting rid of their phobias.

Try making him aware of the consequences

This means that you should try to let him see what could be the negative results of him not doing what you want him to do. For example if you are trying to get him to commit with no results, let him see that he could lose you! This will persuade him to take a decision in your favor.

Source by Russell Jackson



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