Sometimes you feel that you were too hasty in succumbing to his charms and should have taken your time before jumping into bed with him. However you can still play hard to get and make him chase you all the more. You can do this by following these tips and make him crazier for you.

Don’t gush and cling too much

If you go around making statements that prove how much you love him and if you cling to him you might embarrass him and make him regret the sexual encounter. It is bad enough that you were a tad too hasty in going to bed with him. What you should do now is hold on to your dignity and make him chase you.

Stop being available and switch off your phone

Even though you are dying to call him and find out how much he is missing you and whether he is going to want an encore, don’t call him and stop being so available. He will begin to think that you are too easy and fast. He could lose respect for you. If you on the other hand, switch off your phone and make it difficult for him to get in touch with you – he will become desperate for you.

Be seen with other guys

Don’t let him assume that you are totally his because of the sex you had. Let him wonder if you are really in love with him. If you really want him to desperately chase you then let him see you with other guys. Look like you are having a great time and he will become really desperate for you.

Be casual and keep a little distance

If you are casual and friendly but do not cling to him, he is going to wonder if the sex was just a dream! If you keep your distance and make it tough for him to come as close as he would like to – he will be baffled by your behavior and do all he can to reignite the flame of desire in you.

Don’t tell him that he was wonderful

Don’t be too hasty to praise his sexual prowess or tell him that he was wonderful. It could make him too vain and think that you are a pushover! Instead be discreet and make him curious and desperate to find out what you are feeling. He will want to follow up on that sexual encounter and you should play hard to get.

Be charming and as attractive as ever

Don’t stop trying to attract him. Even while you put up certain obstacles in his path and show him that you are not going to get into his bed that easily, make sure you keep his interest strong in you. Keep motivating him just enough to chase you.

Give him hope for the future but keep your distance

As long as you give him enough reason to believe that he has another chance with you – he will continue to chase you. Moreover, this cool and distant attitude will prove that you are not the type to just succumb to his charms in an instant. He will know that he has to work at it!

Source by Krista Hiles



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