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Interesting Ways To Use Your Glass Beads - Charmprincess





Beading is a very popular hobby for many people. With the huge variety of beads available today, it is possible to design everything from elegant rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to playful crafts. Beads have a range of uses and different types can be used to serve different purposes. While you may prefer plastic beads for kid’s jewelry and crafting projects, glass beads are more suitable for designing sophisticated jewelry items.

I am an avid collector of glass beads. I do use them to design jewelry, but those that remain unused after all my designs are complete become a part of my collection. About two years ago, I had a huge box packed with leftover glass beads and I didn’t know what to do with them. So I decided to look for crafting ideas online and put them to good use rather than let them sit in the box unnoticed. I discovered some interesting ideas on how I could use them. Here’s a look at some of the interesting ways to use your glass beads apart from jewelry making.

Mixed Media Art

Today, a wide variety of materials can be used to create stunning artwork. Gone are the days when the canvas was a home only for paint. Any material that you can think of and imagine can become a part of the artwork. This can include charms, pendants, components of scrapbook, torn pages of magazine and glass beads as well. You can create a one of a kind art piece by incorporating unique and beautiful materials into your artwork.


Crocheting is a type of craft that is becoming increasing popular these days. You can give your crocheting work a touch of uniqueness and elegance by adding glass beads to the completed projects. You can use these beads on any item or object that you have crocheted. This could be a handbag, tote, cap, items of clothing, flower baskets, cups and teapots, etc. Even though the finished item looks simple, you can give it an unexpected texture and look by adding glass beads to its design.

Floral Projects

Another area of the home decoration crafting where you can incorporate these beautiful beads is floral projects. In many homes, you may have seen flower vases containing river rock and sand. You can give an even more interesting look by adding glass beads of all sizes, shapes and colors into the flower vase. Depending on where you want to place your floral arrangement, you can choose beads that will complement the space.


If you are someone who loves to craft wreaths, then you don’t have to worry about the wire that usually sticks out after the completion of the wreath. Instead of trying to hide the wire at the back of the wreath, you can add shine and sparkle to it by adding glass beads. Just string some beautiful and colorful beads on the wire and wrap it around the wreath to add charm and class to your creation.

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