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Introduction to Charm Bracelets - Charmprincess





What is a charm bracelet? It is basically a chain or elastic cord that has charms attached to it, and it is long enough to be tied on your wrist. The links in the chain have spaces for attaching the charms. Small attractive pendants come in different shapes, designs and colors, and sometimes they are a reminder of a special event in one’s life, or an important relationship. The charms may be shapes of animals, hearts, stars, even miniature photo frames. Some of them may have the initials of the person that is going to wear them, engraved on the tiny pendant, or maybe small, specially engraved items from your loved ones.

During the ancient times, people wore charm bracelets to please the gods, scare away evil spirits or to attract something good in afterlife. Knights wore them in the middle ages to show off their family origin and rank. In the beginning, charms were made from shells and animal bones. The design and materials evolved with time, and charms were later made of carved animal tusks, wood and gemstones. Gemstone bracelets with charms are quite popular these days, being considered very elegant and exquisite looking. We should mention that all the decorative charms of today owe their popularity to Queen Victoria, who brought style to the wearing of charms. She was the first person to wear bracelets for fashion only.

When World War II came to an end, soldiers who returned home from other countries brought charms for their wives and loved ones back home. Even during the 1950s, they remained some of the most popular gift ideas for girls. With fashion trends changing every now and then, the popularity of charm bracelets has gone up and down as well, but during the last decade, it regained some of its former glory.

It all depends on your style, whether you want to wear charm bracelets as a casual jewelry item, or for a formal occasion. Although anyone can wear them, they are more commonly worn by teen-aged girls, or those in their pre-teens. Sometimes friends split the charm in two, and each friend wears one half to show the closeness among friends. Sometimes girls wear a charm that has the initials of their boyfriend, or a charm in the shape of a small frame containing his photo. Some bracelets are made with all charms similar to each other, for example, state flags, shapes, sports symbols, tiny furniture, pets, people, or memories of a great vacation. You can also procure all kinds of charms in different sizes and shapes on one bracelet.

Charm bracelets make an extremely good gift for those that love having such items. One can give them to commemorate significant milestones of life, like a birthday, a graduation, a promotion, a Christmas, a wedding or the birth of a child. If you want to offer a charm, but you are not too sure of the type you should buy, you could offer a new bracelet, thus prompting the receiver to start collecting another series of charms.

Women can add to their collection of accessories by including captivating charm bracelets. These bracelets may be tailored to keep a record of many significant events and achievements in their life.

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