Irish engagement and wedding gifts are a great way to celebrate a new union and pay homage to Irish heritage. If your favorite Irish couple is getting ready to tie the knot and become a family, then why not give them a wonderfully Irish gift for their new home? Irish gifts can be very practical in nature, like glassware, so that the couple will be able to use it often; or an Irish gift can be more decorative and special, like a plaque of an Irish proverb, that the couple can have on display in their home.

Here are some ideas for Irish engagement gifts and Irish wedding gifts:

* Irish Books on Culture and/or Ireland Photography Books

If the couple is not familiar with their Irish heritage and culture, then there are great books that can be given as an Irish wedding gift. If the couple has commented on how they would love to go visit Ireland one day, why not spark their interest even further with a beautiful coffee table book that shows photographs of Ireland. These types of Irish gifts can be great additions to the engaged couple’s home and can help to encourage their interest in their background and culture.

* Irish Cookbooks

Does the couple love to cook? Are they always trying out new and unfamiliar recipes? An Irish cookbook can be a great gift idea because now they can learn how to cook their favorite Irish dishes for themselves and for guests. Traditional foods and drinks are a large part of many different cultures, and introducing the couple early on to new (and old) Irish recipes can be a great way for them to incorporate more of their Irish heritage into everyday life, like their dinner menu. And it will be a great gift to have when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around and they are itching to serve authentic Irish dishes.

* Irish Lucky Charms

Lucky charms, in the shape of a clover, can be a fun and simple way to congratulate the couple. Lucky charms can be given as a pendant for the bride-to-be, as a paper weight for the couple to use in their home, or even as cuff links for the groom to wear on the wedding day. Lucky charms can be given as Irish engagement gifts if the item is meant to be worn or used during the wedding; or if it is a household item, then it would make a perfect Irish wedding gift.

* Irish Beer Bucket

The Irish are known for great beers and whiskeys. If your couple enjoys these types of adult Irish beverages, then giving them an Irish beer bucket can be a fun way for them to celebrate their engagement or wedding. You can purchase an Irish beer bucket online and have it sent to their home or you can make your own beer bucket with different types of Irish beers and maybe some drinking accessories like bottle openers and pint glasses.

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