How good is your judgment when it comes to the question-is he playing games? Are you able to tell the users from the good guys? Would you like a simple guide to reading what a man wants? Although it can be hard to tell, you can figure out: is he playing to win your heart, or just making a game of love?

First, figure out how attentive he is being. If he lavishes you with attention one minute, and then ignores you, take that as a bad sign. Guys who are really into someone might try to be cool about it, but they will have a hard time staying away.

If the guy you like makes an effort to see you and stay in touch frequently, it’s probably because he really likes you. If he says all the right things when you’re around, but then doesn’t seem to take it too hard when you’re not there, those mixed signals are a red flag.

Second, gauge his excitement when he sees you. Try to look past his charms and cuteness. Listen to his voice on the phone. Look at his body language when he’s around you.

Men usually get as excited as a kid on Christmas morning when they meet a woman that they are really falling for. Is he playing games if he just can’t contain himself around you? No way. There is a definite difference in attitude between the guy who’s for real and the guy who’s in it for the moment.

Finally, just listen to what he tells you. This can be tricky, so really listen. Don’t just take everything at face value. A player has no problem telling you what you want to hear.

On the other hand, a good man who is getting really serious might be shy, but he will make his feelings known. He will probably slowly drop hints or let out his feelings over the course of many conversations. He won’t be able to hide his intentions completely, though.

If you really pay attention to a guy, you will be able to tell if he’s for real. Is he playing for keeps-you can answer that eternal question by looking at the big picture.

Source by Tina L. Jones



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