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Italian Charm Key Chain - A Guy's Gift - Charmprincess





Have you ever thought about what to present to a neighbor who helped with a major problem? This particular neighbor was my personal "Knight in Shining Armor" because he lent me a hand in my moment of panic.

Let me start at the beginning. Things had not been going well for me recently. It was nothing too serious, it's just that I had a little tension in my life. I had not been sleeping well. On this particular night, I could not seem to get to sleep. Each time I closed my eyes, a hundred things started racing through my head. I finally decided to just get out of bed, move to the family room and listen to some relaxing music for a while. I finally fell sleep on the sofa and must have slept very soundly. When I awoke, it was 7:30 – an hour past my usual wake-up time. I could vaguely hear my clock radio upstairs in my bedroom. I had to prepare myself for work and fast!

I rolled myself off the sofa, took a quick shower, thread on the clothes that I had put out the previous night, grabbed what I needed and ran out the door. Unfortunately, the previous night I had to park my car almost a block way. I took a quick look at my watch and realized that I was only going to be about half an hour late. I had managed to make up for some of my missing time already. I felt a little relieved until … I got to my car and discovered that I did not have my keys. I now remembered that those keys were now resting comfortably inside my locked townhouse. My house key was safely on that same keychain! I was not a happy camper.

I scanned the area, trying to find something to break my window. Yes, I was desparate and not thinking very clearly. Fortunately, my neighbor folded into his parking pad next door. I must have started him when I yelled his name, because I saw some of his coffee spill as he moved to close his door while trying to balance a cup, his keys, a newspaper and a breakfast sandwich. I explained my situation and asked his advice. I'm sure you know how this part turns out – he deve me to work practically on time and insured that I eat his sandwich. While I usually try to avoid high-fat, fast food, who am I to turn down breakfast, especially after my start to the day. (It was delicious – fat and all!)

Thanks to this wonderful friend, I was able to arrive at work on time and make my presentation without my stomach growling. I wanted to give my neighbor something as a token of my appreciation and settled on a key chain. Not just ANY key chain, mind you, but an Italian Charm key chain.

Italian Charms are interchangeable links that can be arranged in any order and come in a wide assortment of choices: sports team charms, NASCAR charms, and patriotic charms to name a few. These attractive links are stylish for both females AND males. I chose a Italian charm key chain in the theme of NASCAR racing because my neighbor is a huge NASCAR fan. He could not have been more pleased with it! Giving my friend an Italian charm key chain was a perfect thank-you gift for the kindness he showed me.

Incidentally, my "Knight in Shining Armor" also picked me up at the end of my work day and arranged for a locksmith to meet me at my home upon our arrival. Guess what the first key was that my neighbor placed on his new Italian charm key chain I gave him ….. a duplicate key to my front door.

Source by Laura Weaver
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