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Lucky Charms Might Be the Reason Why Some People Have All the Luck - Charmprincess





Throughout the centuries and going back to ancient times, people have felt the need to carry with them lucky charms, lucky amulets or a lucky talisman.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck in the world whereas others seem to stumble from one crisis to the next, then a simple lucky charm could be the answer.

There is a twofold advantage to carrying a lucky charm. Firstly the need to ward off evil is one aspect of carrying a lucky charm. But also, an amulet or talisman will hopefully bring good luck in the form of health, wealth and happiness to the owner.

Different cultures all seem to have their own favourite lucky charm. The Irish consider the shamrock as a good luck charm, whereas the Scots claim heather as a lucky charm. Both the Turks and the Greeks agree that a blue bead with an eye marking upon it, wards off the Evil Eye, and other curses. The Chinese have lucky coins.

The hidden powers of good luck amulets such as horse shoes, rabbit’s feet and lucky pennies could well bring you wealth, good health and happiness.

Here are just a few of the more recognisable Good Luck Charms:

Horse Shoe

The most recognisable symbol of good luck is that of the horse shoe. Placed upright on a front door, it is believed to allow good luck to enter your home. Hanging it upside down is thought to let good luck run out and away.


The three-leafed clover of the shamrock symbolises not only the Holy Trinity but also health, wealth and happiness. The “luck of the Irish” has always been associated with the wearing of the shamrock.

Four-Leafed Clover

Similar to the good luck that comes from the shamrock, the four-leafed clover has been a lucky charm throughout the ages. It is believed that one leaf brings success, one brings true love, another brings good health, and the fourth leaf brings riches.


The acorn is of course the nut of the oak tree. Carrying a fallen acorn is believed to ensure youthfulness to the owner and can attract both wealth and love.


Lucky heather, worn in the lapel, particularly purchased from a Gypsy, is said to bring good luck and health to the wearer.

Evil Eye Protection

The Evil Eye, usually inadvertently placed upon someone, can lead to bad luck, illness, loss of wealth and loss of sexual libido. Carrying or wearing a blue coloured bead with an eye upon it helps protect against the Evil Eye.

The very fact that you have a lucky charm will have a profound effect on your subconscious and your expectations of luck and fortune. If you carry a charm, then you will feel more confident, less vulnerable, and you will undoubtedly attract more positive things as a result.

Whether you believe in the power of lucky charms or not – it might be too much of chance not to hold onto something that could possibly bring you health, wealth and happiness!

So good luck in choosing a Lucky Charm!

Source by Alison Yates




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