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Manifest Good Luck and Wealth - Charmprincess





If you are wanting to change your life then you need to start manifesting and attracting good luck, wealth, health and happiness. This is not as hard as it seems. You can literally change your luck and turn your life around starting today. With some simple techniques you can transform your life. Everything in your life, whether positive or negative has been attracted by your thoughts. Your sub-conscious is forming your life every minute of the day. Deliberate creation and attraction is the key to getting what you want.

The sub-conscious is working 24 hours a day even when you are asleep. It never stops. It literally keeps you alive. This is the part of the mind where all learned habits are stored.

To attract your desires into your life you need to convince the sub-conscious mind that it is real. The way to do this is to send thoughts and pictures directly to this part of your mind. This will create the good feelings of already having it and once you begin to really feel it it has no choice but to show up in reality as that is has universal laws work.

Some simple ways to convince your sub-conscious mind to attract luck, wealth or any desire you have is to practise the following.

1. Conjure up pictures in your mind of what it is you desire. Make them as real and as detailed as you can. Hold this pictures in your mind so you are imprinting them on your sub-conscious. Remember your sub-conscious can not determine what is real and what isn’t. So use the power of visualisation to trick it into believing that it is real.

2. How would you feel if you were lucky or wealthy? Write down the feelings of how you would feel. Would you feel peaceful, happy, safe and secure? Determine the feelings that being lucky or wealthy would make you feel and begin to feel those feelings now. Once you feel it, even before it shows up in your life you will speed up the attraction. We live in a feeling universe and it is the way we feel that attracts more of those feelings. Things will begin to turn up in your life that amplifies these feelings. You will be deliberately creating what you want.

3. Keep a journal or gratitude book where you can record all the wonderful things you create. Read it often to raise your level of vibration. Focus on the positive, the good and the exciting and that is what you will get more of.

Source by Abby Burgin



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