Have you tried taking your Mom to a jewelry retail location? You might notice how excited her eyes were when you pass by a jewelry store. That is because she, like any mother or woman, loves to have her own jewelry collection or even just a piece. And with all the Mom has been through, she really deserves to fee loved and appreciated by allowing her to indulge into choosing her favorite.

In terms of personalized mothers’ necklaces, Mom has various favorites. You will notice that her favorites still include a part of her family. Moms love personalized necklaces because she can have all the name of her family members and loved ones near her heart all the time. You know how devoted a mother can be towards her family. She can forget about her happiness as long as the she can provide for her family’s needs. The same is with single mothers.

Here are some of Mom’s favorite personalized necklaces.

Mommy Tag Necklace

Surely, she loves a Mommy Tag Necklace. It is a cool and hip way of being proud of motherhood. This necklace has two tags. One tag is called the Bebe Love or Heart Tag. It has a deeply engraved heart in the middle with the words Bebe Love inscribed at the sides. As for the other smaller silver tag, it is for Mom’s daughter. The daughter’s name and birth date will be engraved on the smaller piece. If Mom has more children, add more charms for her other children. This necklace is also loved by the celebrity moms such as Jennifer Garner, Courtney Cox Arquette, Gwyneth Paltrow, Debra Messing, and Kate Hudson.

Round Pendant with Photo Locket Necklace

You can now have Mom a charm necklace and photo locket in one. This sterling silver necklace has a circle pendant that may be hand-stamped with Mom’s name. As for the photo locket, it is quite small, so you must find a small photo of her loved ones that will fit this one. The necklace is accented by a garnet stone to strengthen the love between the mother and child.

Mommy Teardrop Pendant Necklace

This necklace has a different shaped pendant because it is made in a teardrop shape. The pendant is made of sterling silver. It may be personalized by having her name engraved on the teardrop pendant. This personalized necklace is accented by two white freshwater pearl for purity. This suits a mother that is very enduring and loving through good and bad times.

Triple Charms Name Necklace in Gold

Earlier, there was the Double Charms Necklace. Now, there is the triple charms necklace in gold. It has three circle charms made of 14 k. Each charm may be personalized by having your Mom’s name together with the other two important people in her life.

Family Birthstone Pendant Necklace

This is also another perfect gift for Mom because it main concept is on family. This necklace is made of sterling silver with a disk pendant. On the pendant, you may have the names of each family member engraved on the necklace. You must also take note of the birth date of each family member so you can also get their birthstone to be attached on the necklace.

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