I love Italian Charm Bracelets. I love them so much, I own several. Italian Charm Bracelets are a stylish addition to any wardrobe. They are unique pieces of jewelry that compliment any outfit. They can be designed to express personality and a woman's ever-changing mood simply by adding or interfacing the links to personalize their creation.

How great is it to not have to worry about which bracelet to wear with a particular outfit? Italian Charm Bracelets match everything! They take the worry and stress out of having to continue make decisions. And they are interesting pieces, as well. Nothing else is quite as versatile.

Each of my creations has a particular theme which incorporates my numerous interests. My favorite consists of memories from my childhood. I can look at this particular item and immediately feel young again; reliving the reasons I chose these particular Italian charms which I used to design this bracelet.

I took piano lessons as a child and continue playing the piano for pleasure even today, so my first Italian charm was that of a grand piano. I enjoyed dancing in my youth, as well, so a pair of ballet slippers were added. Other interests were playing tennis at the Country Club, swimming at the beach and eating candy, so I included a tennis racket, a beach umbrella, and a lollipop … all in matching colors.

I was ecstatic to find a charm of a black and white cat with pink ears to add to my unique collection, representing my beloved childhood pet. And, probably my favorite Italian charm of all: a monkey face which reminds me of my dad who always called me "Monkey". I added links of hearts and butterflies to fill in the blank spaces and complete my design.

Italian Charm Bracelets are a welcome addition to any wardrobe. I wear my favorite one almost every day.

Source by Laura Weaver
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