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Occult Magical Talismans and Charms Revealed - Charmprincess





Both the philosophers Pythagoras and Plato understood the power of numbers and magic in the ancient times in which they lived. They knew the value of sound, color and form and out of these, and other studies of Masters of Magic and Art of past times comes the present day charm and talisman.

The ancient magicians, for example, knew that black and white stood symbolically for life and death and day and night durinal time. Yellow and orange signified intuition, red was for life and passion. Blue was for intellect.

From ancient times all magicians have used color and the vibrational numerical power of names in order to carry out their “Talismanic Art.” This is the occult, or hidden reason why Talismans embody numbers, symbols and signs of language.

Although talismans are thought of as being something from ancient times they are in fact incorporated into the fabric of our modern world in so many ways. There are many talismans that people wear weather an Egyptian black cat of the goddess Bastet, Eye of Horus, an Ankh, scarab etc. Even the act of crossing ones fingers for luck is a “Talisman” of sorts. The first finger being the finger linked with Providence and Protection and the second with fate and misfortune. And keeping one’s fingers crossed is one form of ancient voodoo for averting the evil eye.

However few people are ever inspired to wear evil talismans on their person. This takes us back to the philosophers of the early days who were always thinking in terms of goodness in life and the overcoming of evil forces through good influence.

Here are a few examples of charms and talismans used, as well as their functions:

Arrow heads: have served as charms since ancient times. The earliest were made of flint, but modern ones can be made of gold or silver and worn by men as a badge or by women around the neck. Their chief use is to ward off the evil eye and to protect the wearer from evil intentions. They are especially favorable for Cancer and Sagittarius people.

Axes: Somewhat similar to arrowheads and they have the same signification, but apply more to people with Aries and Libra sun signs.

Heart: To wear a heart as a mascot is a relic of the Egyptian idea which was that people’s hearts were to be weighed at the resurrection and those proving satisfactory would be accepted into heaven. The more modern interpretation is that the heart is a symbol of true love and these are given as a sign of genuine affection. They should be made of gold and are fortunate for Leo and Libra people.

Owl: the owl is a bird symbolizing knowledge and common sense. To wear this is to attract these things. It is also a good symbol for those who are interested in education and learning. It should be made of gold or silver or copper and will apply more to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn people.

Knot: a knot stands for joining of things and hence knots have long been used as symbols for lovers. It can be made of gold, silver or platinum and favors Gemini and Pisces people.

Four-Leaved Clover: is a charm of Irish origin. Each of the four leaves has a separate meaning. the first leaf on the left of the stalk helps to bring fame; the second, moving clockwise assists in gaining wealth; the third to the right of the stalk, brings a faithful lover and the fourth brings robust health. This charm is best if it is made of tin or alloy and enameled green. It is chiefly associated with the signs of Cancer and Pisces.

The Horseshoe: is a well known bringer of good fortune, but contrary to the popular belief the points of the shoe should point “up” so that the luck does not run out, the points should really be downwards for the symbol is taken from the Moon’s North and South Nodes, the North Node, who’s symbol looks like a downward facing horseshoe, is a fortunate Node and the bringer and maintainer of prestige and reputation. And the South Node (like a horseshoe facing up) is a “loss” of prestige and reputation. This influences the planet Jupiter, the planet of luck, and is associated with Sagittarius.

Good Magic, Good Luck and Good Love,

Blessings Lory

Source by Lory Woortman



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